Review: Deadly Love by Brenda Joyce

Deadly Love, a Francesca Cahill Novel, is the first book in the Deadly Series. I’m not one to read a series out of order, which is why when I finished Deadly Vows I had to go back and catch-up!

Francesca Cahill: Our heroine is a bluestocking of the first order. She shuns her beauty and pursues intellectual pursuits. She’s in the middle of her first semester at college, a secret she’s keeping from her parents, and resents her mother’s matchmaking attempts.

Rick Bragg: As one of the series’ heroes, Rick is introduced early. He’s New York’s newly appointed police commissioner. The attention he receives from this is both good and bad.

The Romance: Francesca’s immediately attracted to him, much like she is to her sister’s husband (not a hero), and is determined to catch his attention. Bragg certainly takes notice, but he resists it on multiple levels – most importantly I feel is that he recognizes that professionally right now a romance is not a good idea as it could detract from a case.

Story: When a boy is abducted during a ball, Francesca is determined to help… even if Bragg thinks she’s more of a nuisance. Cryptic notes lead the pair on a wild goose chase around town. The last sentence is a bit misleading because the pair doesn’t actually run around together all that much. Bragg’s always finding Francesca on the scene before/after he’s there to investigate.

Plot Holes: How did the kidnapper, who shall remain nameless, get a hold of a piece of somebody’s ear to trick the police that it was the child’s? The kidnapper is not somebody with access to or perhaps stomach for such an act. Though of course, they did kidnap the kid, so it’s possible. And in the end it doesn’t really matter, because said person I doubt is in the rest of the series.

Conclusion: It’s a great beginning. This fun, fast-paced, Edwardian period mystery series reminds me a bit in feel to Stephanie Plum as it’s lighthearted and one always knows the good guys get the bad in the end.

Series Order:

  1. Deadly Love
  2. Deadly Pleasure
  3. Deadly Affairs
  4. Deadly Desire
  5. Deadly Caress
  6. Deadly Promise
  7. Deadly Illusions
  8. Deadly Kisses
  9. Deadly Vows


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