Review: Desert and Destiny by Isabel Roman

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Roman nocked her arrow, drew back an imaginative bow, took aim, released her words, and hit bull’s eye dead-center!

Desert and Destiny stands alone, and is book three from The Dark Desires of the Druids Series.

Get ready to save a camel and ride a magicker. Yes, I did say that. Go ahead, you can read it again if you’d like. This is erotica, after all!

I felt Roman’s third installment had more. More suspense, more magick, more sex and just flowed better than its predecessors. Lucien and James are still my favorite male characters, but WOW-E-WOW, Gareth can sure rock a heroine’s world. Get ready to pant, plead, scream and whimper because he knows the term foreplay.

Gareth Moore, hero, has just witnessed a murder. As master of his Druidic line and magicker, he knows time is of the essence. Sir John Corwin, witch hunter, is angrier and more desperate than ever. His greed and hatred knows no bounds. He wants the box and he’ll kill…again for it. Which is why Gareth enlists the aid of an Egyptologist at the British Museum in London. Her name is Arabelle Bahari, heroine. Moore and his fellow magickers are relying on Arabelle’s expertise with runes and hieroglyphics to unlock a jeweled box. If she succeeds, it’ll lead them to a book that’s believed to be over 400 years old. Well protected by magicks, after all-it conceals all Druidic knowledge.

Gareth thinks Arabelle only wants a sexual relationship. Arabelle thinks his heart belongs to another. And Corwin can care less…he wants them all dead. It’s a race to the cavern chambers in Egypt! Will anyone make it there…alive?!

Recommendations: If you enjoy historical, erotica, paranormal romances, happily-ever-afters, magick, mystery, and getting caught up in a great series, then there’s a high probability-this book is for you.

The ending will leave you with not one, but three surprises. HEA indeed, this’ll be a re-read for me-no doubt! Will I read book four, titled Temptation and Treachery? Is there an M in the word magick?

Rating: 5 Jeweled Boxes

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eBook, Ravenous Romance, Fantastica, Copyright 2009, Historical, Erotic, Paranormal Romance.
ISBN-13# 978-1-60777-108-1. (Soon to be released in paperback format on September 2010.)

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  1. Hi Isabel,

    Gareth is yummy indeed! Thanks for writing the book. It’s entertaining and hot, lol. Glad you liked the review, as well as the metaphor. I’m actually more of an idiom girl, but on this occasion I felt the metaphor conveyed what you had accomplished with book three. Many thanks for popping in. 🙂

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