Review: Devil’s Desire by Laurie McBain

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer
Elysia Demarice was alone in the world.  After the loss of her parents in a horrific accident our spit-fire heroine was broken down by her evil Aunt and all of her worldly assets sold to pay off her family’s debts.  She was left to work long days in her Aunts household and suffer incomprehensible treatment at the hands of the older woman.  The fates had dealt Elysia an awful hand in which she was determined to fold.  Chased from her Aunt’s land by a group of rogue bandits Elysia took the opportunity as a sign from the Heavens and long after the pursuit of the evil-doers subsided, she ran….
Lord Alex Trevegne was a man whose reputation was legend that now wove through the English countryside. Lord Trevegne was a man who was said to be bred by the Devil himself, with his raging temper and the malice that poured from him. He is a man to be reckoned with, yet to meet his match in wit and pride.
Thrown from a fate of misfortune into the arms of the ill tempered Lord was not the rewriting of fates that Elysia would have envisioned for herself.  Their paths crossing was merely a coincidence in which mother nature and her disastrous downpour played a strong part.  Exchanging mere introductions quickly turns into a whirlwind marriage that leaves Elysia reeling and enraged.  Though she had no money or possessions to her name Elysia is not a woman who will be silenced by her newly acquired, domineering husband.  Is she bound to live eternity with the Devil or will the man inside pull her to love the true Lord Alex Trevegne?
A strong, arrogant hero is the allure to this amazing tale, as Alex becomes a towering pair of arms any woman would want to be wrapped in to fight the frigid nights. The man is much deeper than his Devil persona and he slowly lets you into his world as Elysia enters his heart. Wrapped in the tragedy of the times, a fight for possession and power erupts, and Lord Trevegne fights not only for his kingdom, but the feisty woman who entered his world that rainy night.
Laurie McBain does a phenomenal job weaving this whirlwind tale of smugglers, rogues, and spies into the underlying romanticism between Elysia and Lord Trevegne.  As you turn page after page you are eager to follow the many characters that are introduced to the storyline.  While I am normally unimpressed with a story saturated with secondary characters, McBain utilized all of these characters flawlessly.  Just when the reader thinks that a character will not play a vital role, they are then at middle of the action.
I truly enjoyed following the turmoil brewing inside of Elysia.  The reader feels the pain and conflict that boils under the surface of this spirited, lovable heroine.  Seeing Lord Trevegne’s iced facade slowly melt to this remarkable woman warms your heart as the intimate scenes between them would warm any bed.  Laurie McBain has found a fan in this reviewer.  I cannot wait to follow the journey in her next tale, which gains it’s leads from this beautifully turbulent romance.

[rating: 4]

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  1. Ah, this brings back memories. I was a teenager back in the ’70s and yup, I loved those bodice rippers. I clearly remember the name of this book and the name of the characters, but I don’t remember the plot at all. Maybe I should buy a copy and reread it.

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