Review: Diana by the Moon by Tracy Cooper-Posey

by Susan S., guest reviewer

This novel drew me in so completely, so thoroughly, time just simply faded. Diana by the Moon is a work of written art. Tracy Cooper-Posey has penned a beautiful story; of one woman’s courageous journey of self discovery amidst turbulent times.

What I think appealed to me most, was how the author timed the dramatic elements in the plot. If you haven’t read Cooper-Posey’s books, I’m highly recommending this one. I’m familiar with several of her sub-genres, and her adaptability and range as a writer is impressive.

Alaric (hero) is a tall, dark haired, handsome Celtic warrior. As lieutenant in Arthur’s army, he shares his passion that one day there will be a united Britain. When Alaric is sent to the north, an area inhabited with Romans—he’ll have to practice something a soldier doesn’t often do when faced with an enemy; practice self control. Alaric has good reason for his deep-seated hatred for all Romans. His biggest challenge will be reigning in his contempt, and following Arthur’s peace orders.

Diana (heroine) is an ebony haired, blue-eyed Roman with a deep hatred for Saxons, and an equal dislike for Celts. So, it’s no surprise she’s anything but pleased when Alaric comes wanting her villa, the beacon, and to establish a cavalry outpost; with 30 of his men no less! When Diana adamantly refuses, he resorts to an underhanded approach to get his way. Diana and her younger sister Minna, share a dark secret which Alaric is determined to uncover throughout the novel.

Will Diana learn to set her prejudices aside to trust a Celt with her land, her secrets, her very heart, or will the Saxons attack rob her of the chance?

My thoughts:

I felt such empathy with the characters that when a key character dies, I was heartbroken. One of the factors I consider a must have in a great novel is believability, I couldn’t fault the author. It was a realistic event during the time period, under the given circumstances.

I loved Cooper-Posey’s unconventional meeting of the hero and heroine. How they went from that initial meeting to their interactions towards the end of the story, is quite amazing-really.

Will we meet Arthur, Merlin, or the Lady of the Lake? …Maybe.

Favorite scene: It’s hard to choose. There’s so many, but I guess I’d have to say: Alaric and his men are called away by Arthur. There’s an intensely emotional scene where Minna runs to Alaric; that tugged at my heart. All I can say in regards to that scene is, “Wow.”

Favorite character: Again, hard to choose. But, if I had to single out just one, I’d pick Diana. Her strength and leadership, despite her hidden pain are admirable.

Recommendations: This novel will appeal to romance readers, anyone who reads historicals, and those who like romantic suspense. If you enjoyed the (1998) movie Merlin with Sam Neill, or Sir Walter Scott’s book Ivanhoe. A must read if you enjoy myths, legends, and lore.

Originally released in 2004, Diana by the Moon is now released with a brand new cover, and a new publisher.

Rating: 5 Stars

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eBook publication, April 2010, Cerridwen Press, Historical Romantic Suspense, Pages 221. ISBN# 978 141 992 3791.

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