Review: Down on the Boardwalk by Suzanne Rock

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

Gwen Anderson is a captive in a dangerous world when a rival werewolf gang has kidnapped her and thrown her into a cell. Eric Wright of the infamous Wright pack interrogates her only to find little in the way of vital information from her. From this he gains no advantage other than to try and use her amazing gift, her psychic ability to see into the future. Previously Eric had given her sanctuary within his pack as a favour due to her not belonging anywhere else, but her time for being useful is running out and Eric needs to get results if he is to keep her. She wants out, but it will cost her – until a chance encounter with two men changes her life forever.

Tony and Nico are thrown into her cell and both form a lasting bond with her away from their captors, one that makes her heart beat fast, and loins stir when they are around. Gwen finds she loves the both of them, but Tony and Nico act as rivals even though they are from the same pack, and they need to know what is going on about their leader’s rival in order to take him down. Gwen can use her abilities to help them both, but she wishes they would get over their petty jealousy first if true love is to spark between the three of them.

Gwen forms an almost instant bond with Tony at first, and would love to be his mate, but she has a concern in the back of her mind that he knows she is already mated to another man, one she doesn’t love – and for her that makes a difference. For Tony, however, he finds himself attracted to her just as easily, and takes the opportunity to mate with her regardless, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

The relationship she has with Tony has a depth to it that hurts her inner wolf soul so much she continues to doubt herself even though Tony and Nico are sure she is the woman for them.

Down on the Boardwalk is a heated and deeply erotic treat for those who like what Loose Id publish. It is highly sensual, kinky and shows the result of were mating between strong werewolves. Never has a horror genre been so sensually written.

Rating: 4 Stars

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