Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is book 2 of the “Jane Austen/Mr. Darcy” series.

Kay Ashton is helping to take care of a very sick woman. They also have something in common – they have a love of Jane Austen. We see that her favorite romantic hero is Mr. Wentworth or to be more specific the actor Oli Wade Owen. If you had one romantic hero you could dream about, who would it be? We also see that Kay is a book illustrator. She quits her job to follow her dream.

Adam Craig is a screenwriter and film producer who lives near Lyme Regis. Kay doesn’t know it yet but they have a connection. But Victoria surprises us by making him painfully shy. Will he get over his shyness to let Kay know how he feels?

Kay has opened a Bed & Breakfast and her first guests are a group of actors doing a film based on one of Jane Austen’s works. We see that Kay has a very easy going personality which works well for her new line of work. She appears to be one of those people who likes everyone. And with a house full of celebrities she’s just a little awe struck.

One of Victoria’s characters sticks out. Her name is Gemma. She’s one of the actresses staying at Kay’s B & B. She’s quiet, a daughter of an actress, and one who hopes she won’t turn out be just like her mother. She doesn’t appear to be your typical ingénue.

For those readers of romance that don’t know much about Jane Austen, Victoria sneaks in little bits and pieces about her into the story – a miniature history lesson if you will. She may make you a fan before the book is finished.

In Kay’s interactions with the film group, she makes certain observations. Be we have to question how on point her observations are. Kay has a crush on the “pretty boy” actor Oli Wade Owen. Is she just star struck because of all his attention? Is she misinterpreting that attention? Will she miss her true soul mate because of her walking around with her head in the clouds?

Victoria helps to fuel the romance bug. You’ll become a fan of hers and she may change your mind about going back and reading some of Jane Austen’s work. She will also get you hooked on the surroundings – she’s our travel guide as she takes us through the English countryside.

This story is definitely like a film. Victoria puts in so many twists and turns you have to keep reading to see who ends up with whom. But if you expect to read sex in this story, you will be disappointed. If you expect a cut and dry romance between main characters, you will also be disappointed. If you love a romance that takes its time and comes out to be a surprise, this book will be for you. You may also want to go back and read the first book and then wait for the Spring when her third book comes out.


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