Review: Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn


By Susan S., guest reviewer

Today is a Double Dose of Devyn Day! Back to back reviews!

Embracing Midnight is Devyn at her best. A sinful, sizzling “fast-paced” page turner!

Come…, as I invite you to walk along the darker side of romance. Prepare yourself for the “ultimate” good vs. evil novel.

This novel, solidified for me, the reason why Devyn ranks among my top two favorite authors. Having read most of her books, this is her best novel to date. I can envision its conversion into a movie.

Embracing Midnight will appeal to any and all of the following: erotic romance readers, readers who enjoy romantic suspense, mystery, paranormal, sci-fi, thrillers, and for those readers who enjoyed the movies The Net and Men in Black.

I simply could not, read this book fast enough. My review should simply read (flip, flip, flip). What first appealed to me were the double entendres, and hot sexual innuendos between the hero (Iollan Drake) and the heroine (Callie Whitten).

Callie is a 30 year old blond who’s working for the bureau as an undercover agent. Her cover is working as a waitress at a Goth club. The military taught her how to crack and hack any system in the world. An ability that she’ll have to implement soon enough.

In enters a “mega-hot” 194 year old, motorcycle riding Irish vampire into her life. Who knows just how to please a woman, he’s sex-on-a stick. Together, they’ll learn how easily friends can become enemies, and discover how sworn enemies can change into our best allies.

Drake will uncover her darkest sexual secret, and fulfill her secretly guarded fantasy. His use of the endearment “love” towards Callie was touching. Iollan quickly became my favorite character, with his vulnerability, transformation, and ultimate revenge and redemption. When he reveals the full scope of his powers as the novel approaches its end, you will be left utterly speechless.

The least likeable character was Callie’s bastard ex-lover Roger Reinke.

Favorite scene- When Callie assists Drake in a hot shower.

Embracing Midnight’s fundamental theme was to stand up for injustice and cruelty, by fighting for what “you” believe is right.

There isn’t a rating high enough for this novel, so I’ll have to settle for the 5 star rating, when in actuality in my heart it deserved a 10.

Warning–This plot includes one m, f, m, m scene. Yes, I counted those m’s correctly! There was also a rape scene that lent to the real nature of one of the characters. (Chilling and unexpected revelation)


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Aphrodisia, Kensington Publishing Corp., Copyright 2008
Paperback, 304 Pages.
ISBN-13# 978-0-7582-1654-0
ISBN-10# 0-7582-1654-8

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5 thoughts on “Review: Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn”

  1. Hi Devyn,

    Thanks for popping in. Enjoyed is a bit of an understatement, really…devoured rapidly is a better description methinks. BTW, I recommended this book to be added to The Ultimate Vamplist. It includes apprx. 4,000 vampire titles, thought this book should be included. 🙂

  2. I was a little turned off by the mention of a rape scene. It’s not something I particularly enjoy reading about. However, that may be an important part that forms the character so I may be able to get through it.

    Your enthusiasm for this book is contagious. I almost feel like a rash is coming on! LOL The fact that you believe this one will appeal to such a wide audience is amazing. It makes me wonder how all those aspects will work together in one story. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Thank you, Susan. I appreciate that. 🙂
    Isabel, I thought about leaving the scene out, but felt it was necessary for Callie’s ex-lover to pull that power trip on her when he realized she was falling for Iollan.

  4. Hi Isabel,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What do I recommend? Slather on a generous layer of hydrocortisone while reading. (LOL)
    Believe you me, all the aspects blended quite smoothly. It was so easy to visualize the plot as it unfolded.

    You’re welcome!

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