Review: Evermine by Hailey Edwards

Reviewed by Susan S.

An enthralling and passionate love story amidst danger and magick. A definite re-read!

Summary: Daughters of Askara Series, Book Two


Have you ever heard the Shakespearean line, “Parting is such sweet sorrow?” Well, Emmaline (Emma) Gray and Harper Delaney had a five-year parting that was anything but sweet. It was sorrowful and agonizing. She thought him dead, and Harper’s re-entry into Emma’s life has been extremely difficult to assimilate.


The new Askaran Queen, Nesvia, is missing. In order to find her, Harper and Emma will need to: face their past, join forces with an evil spell crafter, shake-off a Sereian magickal enchantment, avoid the desert’s sand traps, and keep Harper from imprisonment, yet-again. And all while fighting a sexual hunger that’s quickly becoming damn-near impossible to resist. The question now is who’ll stop resisting first?

Review: I enjoyed the characters’ motivation (the driving force behind their every action), Hailey’s writing voice, and the potency of the love between the characters. As I’m reviewing a novel, I generally take notes. Next to favorite scenes, I’ll draw happy faces. Big ones. I’m not joking! At novel’s end-there were lots of happy faces.

Recommendations: Mega Mass-Appeal for Readers 18+

Evermine has elements that’ll appeal to a wide range of readers. First and foremost, it’ll speak to romance readers. The main characters have sacrificed so much for each other. And their love is both palpable and potent. What romance reader wouldn’t appreciate that in a story?

Secondly, the novel will call to fantasy readers. This story begins in a primary world (the Earthen Colony) and then moves to a secondary world (in the Askaran Realm). I suppose, this too will appeal to sci-fi lovers.

I’m now speaking to anyone with a weakness/fondness for damaged/scarred heroes. Oh-yeah! That sexy Evanti demon, Harper, will have you volunteering to lick every…single…one of his scars. Reader Beware: To get your tongue anywhere near him you’ll need to fight off an Askaran demoness named Emma, but it’ll be worth the fight. Now please stand behind me. I’m first in line!

Do you like the friends-to-lovers tropes? The hero and heroine are. Like dark secrets, do you? Harper has one that may or may not hinder his chance at love. Any paranormal readers out there? This novel has demons and magic users. And if you purchase a novel hoping it’ll give you a HFA, let me say, “Evermine’s
happily-forever-after is profoundly touching.” The story will also charm anyone who’s ever wished star-crossed lovers a well-deserved happiness.

My Favorite Character: The Hero!

Harper is everything you’d want from a hero. He’s strong, sexy in his demonic form, and he’ll sacrifice everything for the love of “his” woman. He’s also passionate and he’s got wings. Not the angelic type, either. The leathery kind you’d expect from a demon. I love when they turn crimson when he’s aroused, when he uses them to fly, when they enfold Emmaline, and when he uses them to cover her like a blanket.

Favorite Scenes:

Scene #1: The tub scene. Oh-no! That’s all I’m divulging. You’ll have to savor that scene without my spoilers.

Scene # 2: Evanti males like Harper are claimed by their mates. Emma’s a half-breed Askaran demoness who doesn’t have the first clue how to claim him. I love when he enlightens her!

Scene # 3: An Askaran female’s in heat. And Harper reacts “strongly” to the pheromones she’s emitting. But she’s not the female he wants. Love how sexually intense he reacts around Emma. Especially what he says when he grips her thighs. Again, I’m not divulging!

Others in the Series: Everlong (Daughters of Askara, book one).

What’s Next? Book three in the series is titled, Eversworn. No release date, yet. Let’s hope it’s soon!

Disclaimer: I received this novel free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Review-O-Meter [Rating:5]

Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Copyright 2012, eBook, Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, ISBN# 978-1-60928-722-1.

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