Review: Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force

by Susan S., guest reviewer

A beautifully written love story! Marie Force has found a new fan in me.

Summary: Former Naval Officer and First Officer Cole Langston, hero, has just been catapulted into national hero status. After a pilot suffers a mid-flight heart attack, Cole lands the commercial plane in blizzard conditions. Now, he’s been dubbed, “Captain Incredible.” Hot guy/former officer/pilot/hero has more attention lately of the female kind. And more phone numbers than a yellow page directory. He’s a single, healthy male, who just hasn’t met…“the one.” He’s met all the others though!

Olivia Robison, heroine, is a clerk at Reagan National Airport. She’s working at the NewsStop to pay her way through school. Robison’s never had any luck with the male kind. She’s single too, and has never met… “the one” either.

After defending her against an ill-mannered customer, Cole finds himself on the receiving end of a fist. On the plus side, he did get her name…Olivia.

Olivia and Cole begin dating, but soon realize it’ll take more than attraction to make things work. There are just too many barriers between them. The women who throw themselves at him at every turn, her insecurity, appearances and calls from his former exes. And if that’s not enough, she lives in Washington, he in Chicago.

Ms. Robison suspects he’s not being entirely forthcoming. Will his lack of full-disclosure be the final barrier to end it all? More importantly, when all’s said and done, will their newfound love crash and burn? Or, take flight into happily-ever-after?

Thought Bubble: The other day I was listening to a song titled, “You Can.” It’s sung by David Archuleta; which I feel conveys the essence of not only this novel, but the hero and heroine’s feelings for each other.

Review: I began reading Everyone Loves a Hero and glanced at the clock, once, only to realize…two hours had elapsed. So, I’m dubbing this the, “Where did the time go novel?” I enjoyed many things, but what I enjoyed the most were the phone calls. Remember, theirs is a long-distance relationship. Cole brings her to life. Olivia fills a gap in his. Although this novel touches on real-life issues, such as agoraphobia, grief, and cancer, the romance is always front-and-center. With lots of I missed you intimacies and some fun traveling. He is a pilot, after all!

This novel made me laugh (Olivia driving his car when he’s sick), made me cry (when they broke up), and it made me smile (what happens right before the epilogue was simply, perfect). Would you believe me if I said, “I even enjoyed the acknowledgements?” I did! Marie explains how she thought up the novel.

Review-O-Meter [rating:5]

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Romance, Copyright 2010, February 2011, Trade Paperback, Print Pages 379, Sourcebooks Casablanca. ISBN# 978-1-4022-4574-9.

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  1. Hi Marie,
    That’s so funny. If you go to Amazon, you can look up the song and hear a clip. It’s about finding that “one” person who makes you fall in love. Glad you liked the review, that makes us even. I enjoyed the book!

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