Review: Eviction Notice by Robyn Wyrick

eviction noticeReviewed by Karin

I thoroughly enjoyed Eviction Notice. I didn’t want it to end, so instead of blitzing through it, I tried to savor it.

The author has a wonderful imagination, and the book flows well. I was given a copy to review, but that has not influenced my feelings for the book.

The book isn’t quite a romance, yet there is a romance in it.

Alice Able is having a hard day on top of a hard year. She has decided to kill herself, but first she feels she should take a shower, look her best, and put post-a-notes on all her belongings so they will be distributed after her death. Imagine her surprise to be confronted by two aliens, one that looks like a huge white furry monster (a lawyer) and only speaks in what sounds like growls, who think she is in charge of the planet. They are investigating whether it is owned by the other and can be used as his collateral in place of delivering the Glen Fairy.

Alice has to do some fast thinking. She ends up being the heroine of the story, courageous and resourceful.

Some high school kids, as a prank, have crushed a large crop circle design in a nearby field. Unknown to them, the identical design was to be the drop off point (or pick up point) for a Glen Fairy who is going to be given to the Zorgons so that war will be averted. When the space ship carrying her crashes in the high schoolers’ field, she is unexpectedly freed, but the one who is to take her to the Zorgons finds out he signed a contract that he will be killed if he doesn’t fulfill his part. Using the earth as collateral, which he claims he owns, he is given a one week grace period to deliver the Glen Fairy. If he doesn’t, all earth peoples will be evicted from the earth. Of course, the aliens don’t think this means our extermination. They think we have space craft.

Well, the book is off and running. Some chapters are Alice’s story with the investigators. Some chapters are the high school kids with the Glen Fairy. Some are the aliens trying to find the Glen Fairy.

The action heats up. You can imagine how difficult it would be to get anyone to believe you, if this were happening to you, but when you can be spirited away instantly to where you want to go (and away just as quickly), it makes for a fast learning curve for the nonbelievers.

Honestly, I can’t begin to tell you how clever the book is. It even has a bit of gentle satire. And Alice finds out her one high school date years before with the fellow who is now a sheriff had more going for it than either of them knew at the time, and her thoughts of him and how he acted when he never dated her again were not his motivation at all. And you guessed it, if they haven’t fallen in love, it is sure the next best thing.

There is a lot of humor in the book — it simply is very clever. There was one paragraph that echoed the idea of Christ — at least to me.

It is a very good read.


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