Review: Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women edited by Kristina Wright

Angela Knight says in the foreword, “Now, I loved the Disney version of that story [Beauty and the Beast] – but am I the only one who wondered if Belle felt cheated when her raging Alpha beast became a handsome Beta male?”

I too have wondered the same and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who would like to read a sexier edge in fairytales. Here are my quick reviews of shorts in this anthology collection:

The Obedient Wife by Delilah Devlin (5 Stars) – A very naughty fairytale retelling where a miller’s daughter tries to earn enough gold on her looks to thwart her greedy father’s attempts to marry her off. Before she could save enough to disappear she finds herself at a castle with a great hulking beast inside ready to pleasure them both. She, unlike Belle, gets the best of both worlds: the sex starved Beast and the extremely handsome man.

How the Little Mermaid Got Her Tail Back by Andrea Dale (4.5 Stars) – This BDSM fairytale has a whole lot of exhibitionism. Her mermaid outfit involved nipple clamps and a tail with an attached vibrating dildo. How many diners at this fancy new restaurant can tell she’s orgasming over and over at her lover’s command?

Ducking by Craig Sorensen (2 Stars) – Not one of my favorites to be honest. As a retelling of the Ugly Duckling it didn’t do much for me. A masculine looking athletic woman gets a makeover and buys herself a new closet and gets it on with a neighbor.

Three Times by Justine Elyot (3 Stars) – The Kingdom’s Princess was trapped by a sinister vine that wound up and down her naked body, invading places no Princess should have invaded except by her husband, if you catch my drift. One lucky person would get to marry the Princess if they could free her from this evil plant. I liked the premise of the story. I would have been more comfortable with it had it been strictly F/M instead of F/F/M. It’s a matter of personal preference really.

Ellie and the Shoemaker by Louisa Harte (3 Stars) – Mild mannered entrepreneur with a shoe business is quickly heading into debt until his sexy assistant begins making sexy shoes that sell for high prices. When he discovers her one night, the next he presents her with her own pair of shoes and a proposition she can’t turn down. It’s a cute little story about sharing burdens and passions.

The Pub Owner’s Daughter by Alegra Verde (3.5 Stars) – As a baby Treasure was gifted/cursed with a chastity-like spell. She could partake in sex, but she was not fulfilled by it. The man who could unlock her would have to be special indeed. He was and he was equally cursed himself.

Sleep Tight by Janine Ashbless (3 Stars) – A house cover in bramble for ten years is finally going to see the light of day when a man with a yard business is hired to clear a path to the front door. He sneaks inside the house and finds to his surprise a very still very beautiful woman lying on a bed. Is she dead or alive? He must find out. Fun surprising twist at the end.

Her Hair is a Net, Woven by Shanna Germain (3 Stars) – Sensual. Dark. A woman made of the sea with red stockings takes for herself a lover. He is a man ready to drown, but she does not want that for him. Another figure threatens both.

Mind Your Peas and Qs by Allison Wonderland (3 Stars) – A reversal of roles makes this short a retelling of Prince and the Pea. A thirty year old princess wants to date and with her parents permission she starts interviewing potential princes looking for the Real Deal.

In the Dark Woods by Kristina Wright (4 Stars) – Pretty hot stuff. A man cheats on his wife with an artist. The more they are together the more the man infiltrates her art. Everything is primitive… raw.

Gildi and the Unwieldy, Ineffectual Committee of Bears by Jeremy Edwards (2.5 Stars) – This one was kind of meh for me. A horny singer is looking for a place to get herself off. The first is too loud. The second has a cat. The last… well the last is just right.

Frosted Glass by Aurelia T. Evans (2 Stars) – A retelling of the The Snow Queen which involves glass in the eye and losing ones ability to feel. The point of this one is the distance and the author does a good job with it, but it wasn’t for me.

Gingerbread Man by Carol Hassler (3.5 Stars) – A woman bakes herself a life size replica of the husband she lost and it comes to life in this quirky little erotica short. Can a gingerbread man replace a real man?

All in a Day’s Work by Saskia Walker (2 Stars) – A sex fairy godmother is going to grant a boss and secretary their secret wish. I felt this one ended kind of abruptly. It hinted at a lot which is good for the imagination, but it left a lot out too.

Big Bad Wolf (An excerpt) by Alana Noel Voth (4 Stars) – Not the expected Red Riding Hood… though there is a wolf. A well written piece. After you read it you’ll want to read the full version.

The Kiss by Michelle Augelllo-Page (3.5 Stars) – Be careful what you say while having sex… that’s all I’m saying. This sexy encounter doesn’t end like you’d expect.

The Return by Charlotte Stein (5 Stars) – A wife is surprised by the changes in her husband. In my opinion this is definitely one of the best shorts in this collection. It’s hot, sensual, and a little bit forbidden.

The Stone Room by A.D.R. Forte (2 Stars) – A man good at winning and achieving victory learns to let go and be submissive. I liked a few things about this piece and if there had been more with the “old” wise woman I would have liked it more. As it was there was some sharing going on and I’m just not into that.

In the end I think fairytales should be for grownups too, yes? So if you’re in the mood for a dive into the more sensual side of fairytales this would be a collection to try on for size.


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  1. What stories have you liked best? I love B&B ones. Give me a cranky beast of a man and I’ll give you the beauty that gets under his skin! haha

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