Review: Fever (Phoenix Rising, Book 1) by Joan Swan

joan swan fever

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Doctor Alyssa Foster is seen coming to the end of her fellowship at the St. Jude’s Hospital. She’s hoping that she’ll get the radiologist’s position at the hospital but then something happens that changes all that. Teague Creek is an inmate from San Quentin that is sent to the hospital because of some mysterious pain he’s been having.

He’s really hot – in more ways than one. We see that Teague does not want to be there and Alyssa is just the person to help. But one thing that Teague doesn’t realize is that she has plenty of both spunk and attitude.

Jason Vasser is a man from Teague’s past and is ready to reconnect – but not as friends. He was hoping to go on R & R but those plans have now changed. And once Alyssa and Teague leave the hospital that’s when all the action begins.

Some of the language used in this story can be a little graphic but it works because it gives you an indication of what the characters are like. Alyssa also finds out that Teague has some very special talents that you or I will never have. But Teague also has some misconceptions as to who Alyssa really is.

They end up in a motel room together and Alyssa gets an eyeful of Teague. And she loves what she sees. We may not be able to see that but the cover can help with that. At this point, Teague still doesn’t realize that he’s made a mistake about her.

Once he finds out, everything between them changes. I love how Teague, in one scene, compares Alyssa to a bull. I can just about picture that in my mind. You can also picture a lot of other things too – Joan has a great way with the use of words to set up a scene. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of heat coming off the pages.

I didn’t want to put the book down because I didn’t want to miss anything. This book was an addiction that I hope they don’t find a cure for. I can’t wait to see what happens in book two of the series. Joan knows how to write a very hot read some of which is innuendo and not all about sex.

Teague has a purpose and he’s very driven to see a very special young lady. Alyssa’s brother, Mitch, also steps in to try to help Teague. Alyssa tells Teague that he’s a lawyer. And Mitch is not all he makes himself out to be.

Luke Ransom is Teague’s brother-in-law and they actually used to work together. They both used to be firefighters. Alyssa goes to try to talk with Luke and at that point we see how involved she’s become.

It will be interesting to see that when Joan tells Luke’s story, “Blaze” coming out in October, if Teague and Alyssa will be making an appearance. Will Mitch appear in any of the other books in the series? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Fever will be coming out in both paperback and e-book so you can decide which you would prefer. If you are of the old school, the paperback edition will be for you and then you can check out the cover whenever you want to. For those of you that have an e-reader, just make sure to leave room in your library for books two and three of the series. If you find you like her writing style, as much as I did, you may want to leave room for any other books that she may write.


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  1. I loved this book so much. I’m usually not that into romantic suspense, but this was such a good one! I had no clue there were going to be more.Guess I should do a little more research next time!

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