Review: First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde

The First Love Cookie Club: Is a club for women who all married their first loves. This year they focus their attentions on Sarah Collier and Travis Walker because although they never dated they’re 100% sure they’re each other’s soul mates due to Sarah’s brave announcement at Travis’ wedding years back. It doesn’t hurt that Sarah is also Travis’ little girl’s favorite author. Must be destiny with that much coincidence!

Favorite Scene: I’ve got to be a nut because my favorite moment in the whole book is learning Sarah’s kismet cookie dream and its subsequent fallout at Travis’ wedding to his now ex-wife. My heart just broke for that fifteen year old girl.

I also thought it was sweet when Jazzy, Travis’ daughter, secretly put kismet cookies under Sarah’s and Travis’ pillows in hopes of bringing them together.

Meet the Heroine: She’s a published author who’s afraid her first novel is a one hit wonder. The extreme success of the Magic Christmas Cookie has left her paralyzed to write more. She’s on her last deadline extension when a request from a sick girl brings her back to Twilight, the home of the worst experience in her life… total abject public humiliation at Travis Walker’s wedding. That day combined with the loss of her Gram, her distant relationship with her parents, and a jerk from college has closed Sarah off from love. She hasn’t risked her heart in so long that the small town friendships and romantic couples surprise her at every turn.

Meet the Hero: Travis Walker was the bad boy in his youth. He ran wild trying to cope with his mother’s death and his father’s withdrawal. Getting his girlfriend pregnant and marrying her in a shotgun wedding was the best thing that ever happened to him. It made him grow up. His daughter is the pride and joy of his life. He’s devoted himself to her and trying to find a way to make her well. And while his wife couldn’t handle Jazzy’s illness and walked away from them, Travis’ heart isn’t closed off.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of the Ugly Duckling turned Swan theme, love small town romances, holiday romances with miracles.

Do not read: If you don’t do well with kids being sick. The little girl in this book suffers from severe asthma and it lands her in the hospital regularly.

Spoiler: The girl in the story almost dies, and I was actually worried she would despite this being a romance novel which should be happy endings with rainbows and unicorns.


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