Review: Foolish Games (Family Heirloom Series, Book 3) by Karen Wiesner

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

For Peter Samuels life isn’t the bed of roses he thought it would be. Not when his wife had succumbed to the brain tumor that took her life so early. He did not envision a life without her, where he would be left to bring up their children who were already growing up enough to know what death really is, and the heartache it can cause in the family.

A year later and he is still taken by her memory and her untimely death, and the effect it has had on them. He had always loved her, never lapsed into wanting another woman on the side; thoughts of infidelity were too far from his mind – he was one of those rare men who would never even want to cheat. He was a family man, who cared about his wife and his children and there isn’t a moment goes by when he doesn’t think about her or the fun times in their life he shared, and he wishes she had never gone. At least for him she has not gone from his memory, and it is some consolation he can live with.

There is the matter of the children, as he wants to give them the life they have grown accustomed too, but there is also the issue of him being alone most of the time when he is with them. He is still grieving inside, and isn’t looking for another woman to share his life with as that would feel like someone stepping into his wife’s shoes to take her place, and that is something he cannot do, and expects his children would not want either.

Love and romance is a strange thing, though, and when he isn’t looking for it, love arrives in the form of Kimberly Wolfe, an old friend of Peter and Lydia, his late wife. An encounter with her on New Year where they talk about old times, he thinks he might be falling for her – when they kiss, it seems like the right time to take a chance on loving again, but what will he think if he does, and more importantly what will the children think about him if he does decide to take Kimberly as his new girlfriend – is it too soon for love to blossom after such a terrible heartache?

This is an emotional book just like the previous one in the series where the protagonist remembers his past with the woman he loved, even if it was only a year ago. He can still feel the trauma of his wife’s death, and the impact it had on his family. He isn’t a man however; who feels he has shed enough tears over her, and wants to just carry on with his life. He isn’t that selfish, and it shows in the novel. Karen Wiesner does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the mind of the man, Peter, who for so long has been alone and living in a void where his wife was so much a part of his life.

What he didn’t realize was Kimberly was his rock, the one woman he could count on to help him out when he needed her after Lydia’s death. Even his business might have fallen by the wayside and collapsed if she had not helped him and got him back on his feet. He has a lot to thank her for, and one of them is her being there when times were hard – but he didn’t expect to share his life with her as his girlfriend, though even that, as the reader will be able to see, will take some getting used to.


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