Review: For the Love of Mollie by KT Grant

by Susan S., guest reviewer

World Class Gym

Owners: Conner Bean/Seth Bean

Personal Trainer: Becky

Co-Ed Gym

Step Classes

  • State of the Art Equipment

To join contact Conner at Email: CB@WCGYM.ORG (fictitious email)

Mention this ad and receive free gym bag. (While supplies last).

This novella deals with the struggles of weight loss, and low self-esteem. I recommend it to all women, and those who enjoy contemporary romances and chick lit.

Summary: Mollie McGree (heroine) is a new member at World Class Gym. She joined in the hopes of losing weight. If she succeeds, maybe JC will be interested in more than just her friendship. Mollie’s a bit on the heavy side. Her self-esteem is so low as to be considered non-existent, and her confidence turned tail and ran. (Probably in search of food).

While exercising one day, a gorgeous man named Conner Bean (hero) strikes up a conversation. Turns out, he’s a trainer and one of the owners of the gym. He’s hot and millionaire-rich sans the arrogance. Right off the bat, Mollie knows she has a snowball’s chance in hell with this guy. He’s too perfect; she’s too…well, heavy. Conner belongs with one of those women that look as if they materialized right out of a skin mag.

Ms. McGree soon realizes two truths. Her friend JC is interested in someone else, and Conner appears interested in her. Will Mollie have the confidence to let a sexy trainer into her life? Or, will she drop him like a heavy set of dumbbells?

Review: It was refreshing to read about a relatable heroine. One that doesn’t have a perfect physique and that deals with issues many women face today. I enjoyed the secondary characters, as much as the main ones. Especially Suzy, Conner’s cousin and Mollie’s best friend, respectively.

Favorite Scene: There’s a massage session where Conner’s sexually multi-tasking. Getting in touch with his manhood and pleasuring Mollie. Holy massage session, Batman!

Favorite Character: Conner. Why? He’s amiable, good looking, successful, and family oriented without arrogance, or womanizing tendencies. A really nice hero. (I may have to change my stance on rogues. Maybe.)

Comedic Element: There’s a scene where Mollie wants Conner to bite her. This is where we learn she’s always had a vampire fantasy. I laughed because I was thinking to myself, who doesn’t?

Cute story.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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eBook, Contemporary Romance, Novella, 110 Pages, 2010.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

ISBN# 978-1-936394-03-6

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