Review: Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf

by Sharon S., guest reviewer
I had no idea how much I would enjoy this story! Hauf’s voice is a breath of fresh air for me. I would describe this book as an enchanting dark fairy tale (with real faeries <G>). The author has built an Urban Fantasy world that is unique and vivid consisting of Vampires, Werewolves and Faeries. She does a great job of introducing you to this world without making you feel like you are being spoon fed information. There is great pacing to the story and a twist at the end.
I was totally enchanted by our lovers, Valliant and Lyric, even their names are fairy tale like <G>. Vail (swoon) is a vampire that grew up in Faery, but recently got thrown out. Now this is where is gets complicated <G>. He wants to kill his birth father, has never met his birth mother Viviane (she is insane from being raped by Vail’s birth father) who is married to a Were/Vampire hybrid, Rhys (and they have a son, his half brother, Trystan), and his faery step mother made him believe vampires were filth. He has issues <G>.

Lyric, is a member of a lying, thieving vampire mob family. She grew up wanting the fairy tale life, complete with a prince to love her forever. She gave up on that dream because in her vampire world, everything and everyone has a price, you use and get used all the time. She is loved by her mother and brother, but there is a hole in her heart.
Faeries and Vampires hate each other. So when these two meet, there are sparks, and where there are sparks…there is erotic sex <G>. I love watching these two flirt and play like two horny teenagers. While trying to figure out who they are and how to live in a world where they don’t fit in, they realize where they belong is together and that is all that matters. Made my heart sing.
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  1. Sharon I have never read a Michele Hauf novel but you convinced me to put Forever Vampire on my must read list. Thanks Jane

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