Review: Getting Familiar with Your Demon by Jodi Redford

Reviewed by Susan S.

Please hold. Flip. Flip-flip. After a quick scan of my mental rolodex, Samael Gorasola is the baddest hero I’ve ever encountered. He’s sexy bad and you’ll hate loving him. Or is it, love hating him? Either way works!

Summary: That Old Black Magic, Book 4

Samael (Sam) Gorasola is a dirty-mouthed demon. He’s also sexy as sin and the reason the word bad originated. Sam doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything. Crank open a thesaurus and all synonyms for bad and remorseless apply to him, specifically.

Gorasola’s a 103 year old demon with 78 years experience as a soul collector. It doesn’t surprise anyone he’s landed in a prison cell at the Demon Detainment Center. Samael is cognizant of his fate: he’ll never be happy. Life dealt him a bad deck and he’s just playing it out. Until wham bamming a white witch (Marabella Blanchard) gives him the wild card he never expected.

Review: Book four is as funny as the earlier installments and equally hot! I enjoyed every milli-second of Sam’s surliness. I’ve always been partial to the roguish rakes in historicals; it seems only natural I’d be just as enthralled with the paranormal baddies. There’s only one thing I would’ve altered, I’d’ve given less scene time to his cousins (Nikki and Cassidy). They were comical. I’ll give `em that, but I wanted more Sam and Marabella time. I’m going to have to give the author extra brownie points, though. She gave me what I wanted! The witch-familiar link.

Recommendations: For Adult Readers 18+

Because the hero doesn’t have a clue and the only thing he knows about romance is that it’s part of a two-worded title to a pop song, I’m recommending this novel to erotica readers first. Who else? Paranormal lovers. Why? There’s magick, angels, demons, and reapers in this story. I’m also recommending it to readers who like bad boy heroes. Samael’s entire DNA make-up is bad. And if you enjoy stories with scarred heroes, Sam is such a hero.

Favorite Characters: The hero and the old warlock.

The hero because he’s crude sexy, aggravating sexy, and broody hot.

The old warlock (Aster) because he’s funny. C’mon, he watches reruns of Days of our Death and is very chatty for a guy, uh, warlock.

Favorite Scenes:

Scene # 1: There’s a scene where Gorasola crashes through a window. Loved how the author wrote that scene!

Scene # 2: When Sam instructs Marabella to get on her knees.

Comedic Touches:

Comedic Touch # 1: Samael gives his bedding an oral onslaught it won’t soon forget. I’m still…laughing over that!

Comedic Touch # 2: The mixed metaphors were hilarious! And I’m going with Marabella as a hugel. (Sorry readers. I’m not spoiling!)

Disclaimer: I received this novel free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Love, love, love this series. My favorite is Logan & Larissa’s book-The Seven Year Itch. I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for reminding me that it was coming out. I pre-ordered for my nook. I you like that series, she has another good, sexy book called The Naughty List. Loooved that one.

    1. Hi Chris!
      Yep! I’m with you there. Love the series-myself. They’re hot. And they’re fun. What’s not to love? I haven’t read The Naughty List yet, but I’ve read the excerpt and it sounds steamy. It’s on my TBB/TBR list.

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