Review: Ghost of a Chance by Nina Bruhns


Hurray a ghost romance! Double hurray there’s pirates! Oh I was so excited to start this novel and it was a thrilling and sexy story.

The first sexual contact? Burns your fingers it’s so hot!

Tyree’s ghosty capabilities include walking through doors, levitating off the bed, solidifying into a sexy sinful lord of the night, and invisibility from most of the populace.

Pirate Captain Tyree St. James cursed to a life of wandering the earth for two hundred years or until a woman loves him so much she is willing to die in his place after accidentally killing his best friend and his love Elizabeth. Terrified a woman would be foolish enough to do that Tyree is steers clear of women and romance. Now he’s been tempted… sorely tempted… by Clara Fergussen.

Clara is the great-great (and so on) grandniece of Tyree’s best friend and curser Captain Sullivan Fouquet. Ironic – but this novel is littered with the relatives of several of the parties apart of the two captains’ lives two hundred years ago. She’s there to research Fouquet and dreams a very erotic pirate dream her first night in Rose Cottage only to find out the next day Tyree is real… if delusional.

The heroine’s stubborn refusal to believe Tyree is both a credit and a discredit. It makes Tyree’s story more poignant, her sacrifice more believable, but it also is highly annoying after about halfway through. Luckily Tyree is sexy enough and there are plenty of pulse heightening moments to overlook the heroine’s obstinacy.

The fire crime mystery is anti-climatic. It’s not wrapped up enough for me – especially with the fire captain, Andre Sullivan. How exactly does he fit in other than looking like a dead ringer for the late pirate captain?

Who knew eye-patches were so sinfully delicious? The one week whirlwind romance is exactly right.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Susan S.

    I’ve read this one, and still have it in my possession. I liked Tyree, it’s one of those cute-light reads for me. A “will not” part with book.

  2. I just read my first book by Nina a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed “Shoot to Thrill.” Haven’t had a chance to check out her category romances.

  3. This was the first book I read by this author and I was an instant fan. Her non-paranormals are really great too. I LOVED Blue Jeans And A Badge.

  4. Thanks for your great review, Keira! Glad you enjoyed Tyree. He was really fun to write. 🙂 I made Clara skeptical on purpose, because I got so sick of reading heroines who fall for the most outrageous ‘paranormal’ situations without batting an eyelash. She reacted much as I would, if confronted by a ghost. LOL Anyway, about the fire… be sure to pick up the sequel to Ghost of a Chance, called THE FORBIDDEN ENCHANTMENT. The hero is Sully, and the fire mystery continues and is resolved in that book.
    Thanks again!!!
    Good reading 😀

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