Review + Giveaway: Big Sky Country (Parable, Book 1) by Linda Lael Miller

big sky countryHero: Divorced Sheriff Slade Barlow’s father is the richest rancher in Parable, Montana, but illegitimate Slade was never acknowledged… until his passing. Slade is claimed for the first time in John Carmody’s will and given half of the Whisper Creek Ranch. Hutch, his half-brother and the legitimate heir, is not thrilled. He is not inclined to share – the ranch or the girl.

Heroine: Joslyn Kirk used to live as a spoiled popular rich girl, until her stepfather cheated many in town of their life savings. After his death in prison, Joslyn returns to Parable hoping to make amends for his actions. She sells her software company and quietly pays back those who were defrauded. Her return to town is not an easy one, many are suspicious of her.

Romance is complicated by life – Joslyn is Hutch’s high school sweetheart and Slade’s teenage stepdaughter, Shae, wants to come live with him.

Review: Two feuding cowboys? I’m in! The competitive give and take, back and forth, between Hutch and Slade really make the book. Nicer still is the positive turn to the rivalry later in the story.

I never really understood why Joslyn wouldn’t continue making computer software as she could always start another business for it. It seemed strange to waste her college education by switching over to work as a receptionist in a small town real estate agency.

I love Slade – strong, quiet, muscles, gentleman, dreamer, a good stepfather, a hot lover, a sense of humor, plus he’s a sheriff!


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Excerpt from Linda Lael Miller’s Big Sky Country:

John Carmody had never once acknowledged him, in all Slade’s thirty-five years of life, and it wasn’t likely that he’d had a deathbed change of heart and altered his will to include the product of his long-ago affair with Callie.

No, Slade thought, Carmody hadn’t had a heart, not where he and his mother were concerned, anyway. He’d never so much as spoken to Slade in all those years; looked right through him, when they did come into contact, as if he was invisible. If that stiff-necked son of a bitch had instructed Maggie to make sure Slade was there for the reading of the will, it was probably so he’d know what he was missing out on, when all that land and money went to Hutch.

You can stick it all where the sun never shines, old man. Slade thought angrily. He’d never expected—or wanted—to inherit a damn thing from John Carmody—bad enough that he’d gotten the bastard’s looks, his dark hair, lean and muscular build, and blue eyes—and it galled him that Maggie, his mother’s friend, would be a party to wasting his time like this.

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16 thoughts on “Review + Giveaway: Big Sky Country (Parable, Book 1) by Linda Lael Miller”

  1. You had me at two cowboys. I’ve read excerpts of this book and everything I have read makes me want to give it a try.

  2. Two good-looking cowboys! I’m so there. I This book sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it to see what happens between Slade, Hutch, Joslyn, and Shae.

  3. Love Linda’s books. This book looks great, another great cover. Loved the short excerpt. Would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. You make a good point about Joslyn not starting another business. I kind of got why she was making amends even though she didn’t really have to but to work away from the business that she had been successful in with no real plans for what to do next seems a little strange.

    I read this last night and really enjoyed it!

  5. Thanks for this opportunity. I love Linda’s cowboys. This sounds like another great read. Thanks again.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. Two cowboys…count me in! I was just thinking I needed to find another cowboy book to read and this one sounds terrific!

  7. I love, love Linda’s books! They are always great and never disappoint. I’d love to be entered to win this one.

  8. I can see why Slade isn’t willing to share and he definitely wants to make a name for himself. A little competition between cowboys can also be a great thing especially when love wins.

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