Review: Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, Book 2) by Aimee Carter

Summary of Goddess Test to Date: Persephone dumps Hades and while several humans have tried to pass the Goddess Test to become his queen, they all failed (and died) except Kate. After Henry and Kate’s wedding, Kate is whisked off on a romantic tour of Greece by James for her summer away from the Underworld.

Summary: Kate Winters can’t wait to get back to Henry and start their life together in the Underworld. Her return though isn’t at all what she expected it to be. Henry is more aloof and secretive than ever before and Kate doesn’t know why. When an expected Titan disrupts Kate’s coronation as Queen of the Underworld, Henry and the other main gods run off to fight only to get captured. Kate now has to fight through hell to get him back – and she’s going to need to enlist the aid of the one soul she least wants to deal with – Persephone, Henry’s unrequited love and ex-wife.

Review: I really liked how empathetic and sympathetic Kate is to Henry and Persephone even when she doesn’t want to be and wants to figure out what is going on between them. It led to a lot of internal angst and you know me I love my yummy angst. Ms. Carter is a master at it too.

What’s nice about Kate’s angst compared to – let’s say Bella Swan’s – is that Kate takes action. She immediately sets off to save Henry despite his odd behavior and while she’s uncertain of her future with him she’s determined to do her best.

Some of my favorite moments are when she begs him to give her a reason to stay in the Underworld. When they clear the air it is very touching and moving and full of depth because we recognize how deeply painful it is to each character to reveal themselves. I also liked an earlier scene when Kate witnesses something without meaning to and has nowhere to run and no way to stop seeing what she is seeing.

Then there’s that cliffhanger – OMG! Book three, where are you? I want it!


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