Review: Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane

Summary: Faith Aldridge goes to Bramble, Texas, looking to find her sister, Hope, the twin she never knew she had. Except that the backwards town only sees Hope and they’re determined to hook “Hope” up with her old high school flame, Slate Calhoun. Now Slate knows there’s something off about “Hope” and he doesn’t think it’s because Hollywood took away her personality and attitude. He actually likes sweet shy feminine Faith, who is a total contrast to loud, brash, tomboy Hope. A small town hides big secrets and Faith is about to learn one she never expected and now the real Hope is headed home and she wants Slate for herself.

Mistaken Identity: I don’t know how a whole town can just not “get it” when Slate gets it right away. Faith acts nothing like Hope and her style of dress and speech is galaxies away from Hope’s as well as her accent. It’s not Texan. Hello! Other than that they’re the epitome of small town characters who are nice, and sometimes rowdy, interfering busybodies. I wouldn’t mind moving there.

Review: You know its love when the heroine and reader think the guy has a nicer truck than he has a trailer. Slate’s not poor, but he’s not rich either. He’s a high school football coach. The heroine likes dogs, but could easily kill one by looking at it wrong; she’s that bad with them. She’s a computer programmer but desires to be a teacher. The two had good chemistry.

Recommended: For readers who love cowboys, twin mistaken identity plots, and heroines older than the usual late teens/early twenties.


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  1. I really love the idea of this novel and look forward to getting myself a copy of it – Hot, ravishing Texans are right up my street.

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