Review: Going to the Bad (A Lily Hawkins Mystery) by Nora McFarland

Going to the BadReviewed by Karin

I was offered this book by LRP. It is not really a romance. It is more of a mystery. This is the third in a trilogy, that may include a fourth book at some later time.

I have not read the first two books. There were a few hints within the book of situations in the other books, but not a lot of catch-up. The book can stand alone.

I thought perhaps it might be as funny as the Stephanie Plum books, but surprisingly there was very little humor, at least in this book.

The story
Lily Hawkins is a TV ‘shooter’ — shooting video as a TV reporter in Bakersfield, CA. The action all takes place in approximately one day from 8 am Christmas Eve day to 4 pm Christmas day.

And then she finds that her beloved Uncle Bud has been shot in her own home. It is clear that he likely will not survive. He has a shady side to his character, but his charisma has always got him through.

Meantime she uncovers a story that goes back 50 years that involves Bud.

The characters’ lives intertwine in surprising and interesting ways. Her fellow reporters at the TV station are all somewhat eccentric, but she has all the station’s facilities at her disposal as she tries to figure out the twists and turns.

Bodies pile up.

Be aware
Parts of the story involve meth addiction and the production of meth; also mention of childhood sexual abuse; elder abuse and dementia/Alzheimers.

No romance
Lily’s boyfriend Rod comes across, to me at least, not particularly likeable. He has made a promise to Bud when he found him shot. He assumes this will keep Lily safe and allow her to continue to love Bud, even though she knows he has flaws. In many ways he’s not really there for her. (I don’t know the back story.) But also Lily is not particularly warm with him. She is concerned when she finds him missing. But it isn’t what she assumes, and in the meantime she is fighting for her life.

My take
I found it sort of dark and gothic. There’s a creepy, decrepit farmhouse. A lot of the action takes place in fog.

Have you read any of her books? Have you read this one? How does it compare?


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