Review: Guarding Suzannah by Norah Wilson

by Karin of Savvy Thinker, guest reviewer

I assume since you are reading this, that you, like me, are a reader. I regret not having more time to read now, but when I do, I want something entertaining and a bit fun. I don’t want heavy duty reading when I want to relax. How about you?

I suspect you are somewhat like me, because romance books enter into the fantasy realm – super rich, good-looking, great lover, happy ending – who doesn’t want all these things! It sure takes your mind off the news.

Guarding Suzannah was an enjoyable read. If I had known how well I would like it, I would have read it sooner! I received assurances before I agreed to read it, that it wasn’t a thriller, but that it is true romantic suspense. When it’s not a Kindle book, I often read the ending and skip sections that are too difficult to read because of the scare-meter. It’s less easy to do with a Kindle, but not impossible. Nevertheless, I really don’t want to read some things – it is too hard to get it out of my mind. I prefer heavier on the romance than the suspense, and this book was just perfect in that department.

The story
Suzannah is a defense attorney who has won more than a few cases, while antagonizing the police, because she likely has won some cases where the defendant was guilty.

The book opens with Detective John (Quigg) Quigley watching her shred the latest police officer on the witness stand, winning her case. And before he knows it, his life is turned upside down, as is hers, while he attempts to keep her safe from an increasingly dangerous unknown stalker.

There are enough twists and turns to satisfy anyone. I didn’t see the ending (and I didn’t cheat and read it first.) It is satisfying, both in how it is set up within the book – and that you don’t see it coming.

Of course, Suzannah and John (Quigg) fall in love. How could they not, with such close proximity. In a way, they each save the other from the life they were leading. Suzannah has never had a satisfying physical relationship and fears she is incapable of it. Quigg is just the lover she should have had.

Have you read this book or any of the others in this series?
I thought the book was well written. I love it when other friendships come into play, as they do here. I want to read the others in this series.

I like military/police/romantic suspense, and this is definitely the best of the best. The villain is villainous. I don’t want to say more to give it away. And his crime is distasteful, though we only hear of it. We don’t witness it. There are some scary moments, but you know Quigg will come through in the end – at least you hope so.

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