Review: Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet, Book 4) by Nora Roberts

Narrated by: Angela Dawe. The narrator sounded like Parker, but overall she bored me. I continued to listen because it was easier once I had it to listen to the book in the car than it was to go grab the novel from the library.

Series: Bride Quartet, Book 4

Series Background: Four best friends create a wedding business together called Vows. This series is how they go from planning other brides’ weddings to planning their own.

Series Strengths: The friendships between Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac are what make this series – that and the crazy brides!

Series Weaknesses: Bogged down in wedding minutia and tame conflicts.

Summary: Parker Brown is the last of her girlfriends to find someone. Of course what she thinks she wants is not what she gets. Malcolm likes Parker’s uptight, Type A, controlling behavior; it makes him want to get under her skin. It’s something he’s particularly good at! *wink wink, nudge nudge* Parker’s not sure where their relationship is going but she’s certain it’s not to the altar.

Review: I love that Malcolm calls Parker “Legs.” I hate that they shorten his name to “Mal.” Bleck. Parker was the one I was looking forward to the most, but she has turned out to be too perfect – She works out all the time (Everyday, without fail, for hours just after she wakes up to perfect her already perfect body. If she wasn’t doing it, I bet her friends wouldn’t be exercising nearly as much either as she’s their ringleader. So can I hit her? Please? I want to feed her a dozen sugary donuts… but to get back on track:) I did like their story, though I’m not sure why Parker fights her attraction to Malcolm all the time. Malcolm makes the book which surprised me, because like Parker in the beginning I wasn’t so sure he could pull his weight let alone hers. Over all it’s not a shabby way to end a series.


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