Review: Healing Love by Cara Cooper

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Secrets rarely stay secret for long, and with Dr James Frain his secret is starting to take over his whole life and destroy his work relationship with his colleagues. There is only one person who can help him out, and that is Becky Arnfield who is the practise manager at the surgery he works at, and if she can’t help him out, who can? She knows he has his, but she has troubles of her own to deal with – her fiancé Trent is not one to offer up a decent proposition to her, and she is tired of waiting for him to pop the question of marriage to her – if he does give her a date, she will be the happiest woman alive, but will he, or will she grow tired of him and the waiting?

She isn’t the only one who is unhappy with her lot, Holly Parkes, a doctor at the same practise, and friend of Becky’s has her own problems she can’t seem to get her head around, and needs help with them, but these aren’t her problems she needs to solve, they are her patients who need her help dearly.

Several people in this story are in need of a person to talk over their problems to, but will they take the time out to actually do that? The concept of Healing Love is about how these people deal with conflict in their lives even though they might want to sort it out themselves.

Readers will like the general feel of the novel, its tangled web of lives intermingling around two distinct characters, James and Becky. It is Becky who seems to have all the answers though, and she can be trusted to help out, but she can’t help everyone at the same time, and in this story they all have to realize that eventually. Think about it, Becky would go mad if she had to consider everyone above herself, as most people would. The thing is, she will try to help out James as he sees him as a special case in her life.

At first though, this isn’t the case; Becky knows what kind of man James is as he is new to their practise, and likes to have his wicked way with the nurses. He isn’t much of a man she would be interested in, and he knows that, so he tends to keep his distance from her. He can’t say that he hasn’t tried to get her to be one of his conquests, though, and once she refused him point blank, he went onto someone else who might indulge his fantasies. Becky might seem like a busybody type who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business, but she does have a genuine feeling for the staff in her care, even if it seems like she is the exact opposite. This is the usual damaged male helped by caring woman scenario that might appeal to some readers, but overall, the depth of the story and the fact the reader will get several titbits of other peoples problems and lives will serve to create more interest.


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