Review: Heartwishes by Jude Deveraux

Reviewed by Susan S.

Edilean Series: Book Six

Heartwishes combines a charming setting with an intriguing plot, and then sprinkles it with a magical feel; presenting you with a comfort read you just can’t put down.

Summary: Gemma Ranford, heroine, was hired to piece together the family history for one of Edilean’s founding families-The Fraziers. Gemma relishes reading documents dating back to sixteenth century England. Perhaps working for Mrs. Frazier will help her decide on a dissertation topic.

As Ranford’s research progresses, two things will occur. She’ll uncover documents relating to a magical stone, and acknowledge her growing desire for the Frazier’s eldest son and Edilean’s sheriff, Colin. A professional thief now means to acquire the Heartwishes Stone; placing Gemma in harm’s way. But what about the repercussions of her involvement with her employer’s son? There’s the wrath of Colin’s former-maybe-current girlfriend (Jean), the possibility of being unemployed, disappointing Mrs. Frazier, losing credence with her adviser, not to mention, giving the town gossipmongers a new topic of discussion. Gemma has only one question to answer. Is love worth everything she’s risking?

Review: Heartwishes is the first novel I’ve read from the Edilean Series. I enjoyed it so much- my next course of action is to read Scarlet Nights. Would it have anything to do with the hero being a detective, and my loving novels with law enforcement officers? Don’t look at me! I’m not telling.

Because Heartwishes causes flare-ups of can’t-stop-reading-itis, I’m recommending you drink at least one heavily caffeinated drink “before” reading this novel. The most common symptom of my can’t-stop-reading-itis is the what ifs curiosity. And boy, did I suffer into the wee hours of the night. What if the antagonist finds the Heartwishes Stone? What if it really does have magical properties? What if Jean hurts Gemma in a jealous rage? Then again, what if Colin hurts Dr. Aldredge because of his own blinding jealousy? After all, the good ol’ doctor isn’t old at all. He’s gorgeous, smart, has dark black hair, blue eyes, and likes Gemma very much. All right, I’m being too polite. He’s freakin’ hot!

My Favorite Characters: Dr. Tristan Aldredge and Shamus Frazier

Why? Because Tristan is freakin’ hot. Lol. Actually, he’s also very attentive to people’s needs, is a great listener, can help you when you’re sick, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes.

Colin’s youngest brother, the artist, has real depth. He’s a young man with few words and a big compassionate heart. I fell in love with him. Instantly!

Favorite Scenes:

Number 1: Colin’s dad is at home in Virginia, while his mom is in California visiting her daughter, Ariel. They find out Shamus is missing and they call Colin at the same time. One’s on the cell, the other is on the home phone. Colin places both phones together so they can scream at each other (while they pass the blame).

Number 2: When Tristan kisses Gemma in front of Colin.

Number 3: (The kitchen scene). Gemma’s in the kitchen hiding. When one by one, the Frazier men make their way into the kitchen. She gives them mashed potato lollipops. (Think what happens when you swirl a spoon into mashed potatoes.) All’s well until Mrs. Frazier discovers them and proceeds to berate them.

Others in the Series:

  1. Scarlet Nights
  2. Days of Gold
  3. Lavender Morning
  4. Promises Novella by Vook
  5. The Scent of Jasmine

Review-O-Meter [Rating:5]

Buy: Heartwishes: An Edilean Novel (Edilean Book 6)

Atria Books, A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., Copyright 2011, Hardcover, Print Pages 363, Contemporary Romantic Fiction, ISBN-13# 978-1-4391-0800-0.

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