Review: Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, Book 2) by Maya Banks

highlander most wantedHeroine: Genevieve McInnes has been held captive at McHugh Keep for over a year. Her family believes she is dead and she prefers it that way because of the atrocities she’s been forced to endure at the hands of the laird’s son and his men. She hasn’t a hope to escape her situation until she another clan comes to exact revenge on Patrick and Ian. When hope blossoms she offers up her last shred of dignity and respectability to the Acting-Laird only to be rejected.

Hero: Bowen Montgomery is disgusted with the McHugh clan. The people are cruel and ignorant and not worth the effort to save, which is why he’s so surprised when the person they’ve hurt the most stands up for them. At first he’s led to believe Genevieve is a whore/mistress to the despicable Ian McHugh, but as her story unravels, Bowen is drawn more and more to her. He wants to help her, heal her, and hold her close forever but to do right by her might mean letting her go.

Review: Highlander Most Wanted is an emotional, quite possibly a tear-jerker, story. Bowen and Genevieve jump off the page and sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. Genevieve has a tragic past and soon learns she has strength she didn’t know she had. Bowen is a great hero and I personally enjoyed his actions against a McHugh who tried to take his impotent anger out on Genevieve. I was puzzled by one thing, Genevieve had access to a bow and arrows, can shoot better and more accurately than most men, and never once thought to use them to kill off her captors? I get that Ian was taunting her with the ease of access, trying to make her feel even more impotent in her situation, but the girl came out with arrows blazing as it were at the first opportunity when the Montgomerys were in trouble. Despite that, I say that this is one of the best books out this year!


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  1. Good review as always. I always appreciate your top notch review writing. just a comment re: your comment about Genevieve and the bow & arrows. I was under the impression that her “freedom” changed quite radically once the laird and his son were out of the picture and that she quite possibly did not have access to a bow & arrows before the Montgomerys showed up. Just my 2 cents worth. 😉

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