Review: His by Elizabeth Coldwell

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Okay, when I was offered a chance to review this, I jumped! You should know by now I *love* m/m especially when there is a dominant/submissive relationship, and after reading the blurb I was excited.

I have mixed feelings about this story. I will start with what I liked. The story is set in London and based on the prose I would think Coldwell is from the U.K. It added a surprising and fun element to the story once I wrapped my brain around the slang. I really liked the main characters. Dante is the owner of a very exclusive, what I would call hard core, BDSM club. The author is definitely knowledgeable about the Mater/Slave relationship. Sean is inexperienced and naïve when it comes to the BDSM scene, and had no idea what he was getting into when he accepted an invitation to the club. He is a natural submissive, but didn’t realize this until Dante decided to make him his slave for the weekend. The myriad of emotions Sean went through while being Dante’s slave were believable.

I have read BDSM erotica, but this was what I would call “hard core”. I am sure some people like this type, but it wasn’t for me. I prefer a more romance in my m/m stories. This was a little to true to life. Dante admits to having feelings for Sean and wanting to pursue a more permanent relationship, but he was still going to have other men and loan Sean out to other Masters. This isn’t love to me.

I can’t really rate this story based on the sexual content. This type of erotica isn’t my thing, but if you like hard core BDSM, then I think you will like this. I did enjoy the writing and characters. This is a 64 page novella and a quick read.


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  1. I agree with you on wanting more romance with these type of stories. One that I thought fit more with that idea was Kim Dare’s “Call Me Sir Boy!” (I don’t think Amazon has it; I got it from allromance.) In that both D and s seem to make more of an emotional connection.

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