Review: Hot Zone by Catherine Mann

Reviewed by Susan S.

Book Two: Elite Force Series

Summary: Amelia Bailey is a county prosecutor from Alabama. She’s in the Bahamas helping her brother (Aiden) with the legalities of an international adoption. With her assistance, Aiden and Lisabeth are now the proud new parents of a baby boy. And she’ll be the doting aunt. All’s right in the world until disaster strikes. Aiden and his wife decide to have lunch; leaving baby Joshua in his aunt’s care when the unthinkable happens. An earthquake strikes the island, leveling Amelia’s hotel. She and Joshua are now trapped beneath the rubble.

Luckily, Air Force Pararescueman Hugh Franco comes to their aide. And while Hugh may have given them a second chance at life, they’re not out of danger yet. For sometimes, the aftermath is more terrifying than the disaster!

Review: I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Mann did a wonderful job of describing how emotionally and physically taxing a pararescueman’s mission can be. Her scenes felt entirely too real. Especially the one where Amelia and Joshua are trapped. I felt claustrophobic just envisioning it! Did I mention her scenes feel real?!

The author also does a splendid job of showing the dynamics of the task force team members, and you’ll respect their bravery and courage. And yes, even their human failings.

I hadn’t realized the author was so crafty. Here I am envisioning my idea of this mysterious antagonist, and all the while Mann is leading down the wrong road. Yep. I was duped!

Recommendations: Recommended for readers who enjoy Harlequin Intrigues, military romantic suspense novels, romantic suspense, strong heroes, sexy soldiers, and survival stories.

My Favorite Scenes:

Scene # 1: When Bailey asks if she can hug Hugh. (Yes, there’s more to that-that I’m not saying.)

Scene # 2: I loved the dialogue between the hero and heroine when they were trapped under the rubble.

Comedic Touch: The new team member of Hugh’s task force team is nicknamed Fang. But FANG is actually an acronym. What the letters signify is what makes it funny. Sorry readers; telling you would spoil the fun.


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Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc., Copyright December 2011, Romantic Suspense, Mass Market Paperback, Print Pages 318. ISBN# 978-1-4022-4498-8.

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