Review: Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

hunk for the holidaysReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Cassandra McPherson’s father, Al, is founder and president of M & M Construction. They are having a company Christmas party. Cassie isn’t happy about going but has hired an escort for the evening. I find that Cassie is a woman who likes to be in charge. She seems to have a controlling personality. It will be interesting to see if by the end she can change her ways.

James is Cassie’s escort for the Christmas party. But he has a secret that he’s not ready to divulge. At the party, Cassie’s Aunt Louise seems to have an agenda of her own and it involves James. I found her to be a hot ticket. She’ll make you chuckle when you read her interrogation technique of James. I wouldn’t mind having an aunt like Louise in my family. She shows how much she cares about Cassie’s happiness.

Amy Walker is good friends with Cassie. She’s a single mom who has a thing for Cassie’s brother Rory. She’s known Rory for quite a few years but because of misunderstandings they are separated. But will this be the year that they get their happily ever after?

There is a sad part in the story when we read about how James feels about Christmas. But as a person gets older, and our childhood ideals disappear, don’t we all start to feel the same? Or do we feel different when we are surrounded by family?

What has me impressed about Katie is that she makes all her characters believable. You feel like you’re a friend of the family and just want everyone to be happy and in love. I think the book starts off with a great cover. You have a great looking guy who looks like he’s attainable and ready to give you a very Merry Christmas. He has his shirt slightly open, no tie, and eyes that beg you to spend some time with him.

Katie could have taken the easy route by having the normal romance of boy finds girl; they fall in love, and live happily ever after. But not this story. Our author knows that her readers need a reason to keep turning the page. But Katie still gives what every romance reader wants and that is a great HEA.


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