Review: Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire


Remember when I ran into Roxanne St. Claire at the bookstore? I asked her what her favorite books were that she wrote and Hunt Her Down was one of them. I was not disappointed in fact my socks were knocked off! I think I may just have to get back into reading lots and lots of romantic suspense because of this novel.

There’s this sexy shed scene where Dan masturbates that really did it. The scene is so hot you boil reading the pages. See, Dan has bad night vision and thought the heroine couldn’t see him. They were locked inside the shed (were they used to make love a lot when they knew each other years ago) by the bad guys and while they were waiting to be rescued they had a little trip down memory lane.

As Roxanne St. Claire said on twitter:

You know, every hero has to have a flaw. 😉

To which I said:

I’d take that flaw in a few more heroes haha

I so would! Whew!

Maggie Varcek believes in signs from the universe or at least her Baba (grandmother). When a fortune cookie fortune accurately acknowledges her pregnancy, Maggie is ecstatic and determined to go to the baby’s father to tell him the news. She knew he’d take care of her and they’d figure out what to do (e.g. how to get away and stay safe.) On that fateful night however, Maggie does not get the chance because Michael Scott dies when the FBI and DEA rush in to haul Ramon and Alonso Jimenez off to prison.

Flash forward a decade later. Ramon is released and back on the streets. Dan Gallagher, formerly Michael Scott, undercover Bullet Catcher, knows his ex-lover Maggie might be in danger if Ramon figured out she was the leak. His plans to protect her go awry when he finds out they had a kid. Now he’s racing to solve a case of missing millions, 100 million to be precise, and the mysteries of the heart, specifically his own.

Sizzling, suspenseful, and superb. As I said before, I think I may just have to get back into reading lots and lots of romantic suspense because of this novel. Can’t wait to read Make Her Pay!


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2 thoughts on “Review: Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire”

  1. It sounds like an interesting read. I remember Roxanne mentioning the Bullet Catcher series are stand alones; will have to add “Hunt Her Down” to my TBB list. Thanks for reviewing it. 🙂

  2. Yes perfectly able to read as a stand alone. This is my first BC story and I had no troubles whatsoever. I might have missed references to certain characters or missed cameos but it really wasn’t an issue at all and was wonderfully told.

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