i dare meReviewed by Karin

I’m not through reading this book, but wanted to share how much I was enjoying it. It is like having a romance with oneself.

Cahn was 53 years old with a stable marriage, a daughter, and had survived 3 bouts with cancer. But she was not happy, basically depressed, angry, frustrated, with nothing to look forward to. And she has an impressive resume: veteran journalist and eight-time Emmy award winner

Her 23 year old daughter challenged her to do one thing each day that was a first for her — it didn’t have to be big — and to blog about it (with videos). She had never blogged. (luanncahn.com) She didn’t even know what it was. The book came out of her experiences.

She started the year with a Polar Bear swim — which was more difficult for her because she had been afraid of the ocean since she was 8. She spent a day without mirrors and a few hours in a wheelchair.

Along the way, she found herself invigorated, engaged with life again, and looking forward to her days. She said it was OK to count as a first if you hadn’t done it in 10 years — and it didn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) anything dangerous or risky.

I have a feeling I tend to live like this anyway, because I’m not afraid to do things on my own (such as take myself to the movies, BTDT, and it is nice to share a smile with the person next to you, even if you miss a scene since movies go so fast now…) And one thing I did solidified my fear of heights rather than eliminating it (overhead at the zoo, more difficult than it sounds — but hey, I tried!)

I give the book 5 * out of 5. A good read, with humor and self-depreciation, as well as exhilaration and joy. Read it if you need a jumpstart on your life. You might be inspired.

Rating: ★★★★★

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