Review: Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, Book 2) by Larissa Ione

Reviewed by Sharon S.

You better grab the oven mitts before you try to pick up this book, it is smoking hot! This is the second book in Ione’s Lords of Deliverance series about the 4 horsemen (well, there is one woman) of the apocalypse. It is set in the same world as her Demonica Series. Many of the Demonica characters are also in the Deliverance books. If you haven’t read any of Ione’s books, don’t worry, you can jump right in and pick up on things pretty quick. I haven’t read the first book in the Deliverance series, wishing I had now because Ares sounds mouth watering, but it isn’t necessary.

The great thing about this author’s stories is all her lead characters/couples from past books of the series are still active in the story and she also starts setting up the storyline for the next book so you are already in love with the new couple and biting at the bit to read their story (smart lady <G>). The 4 horseman are siblings who were cursed. Their destiny is to bring about the apocalypse once they have all had their seals broken. They have spent their lives looking for their seals so they can keep them from breaking. They don’t want to turn evil. In the first book, Reseph had his seal broken and became Pestilence he is the villain of this book because he is now trying to make the rest of them turn. We got the story of Ares (would be war if his seal broke).

This book focuses on Limos, the only female horseman. She will become Famine when her seal breaks. As if that wasn’t enough she was betrothed to Satan (yes, that one) as a baby and now he wants to claim her. Limos was raised by demons and behaved like one for a long time. Telling lies gives her a high like no other. With the help of her brothers she turned her life around and things haven’t been so bad, but a smexy human named Arik kissed her and everything went to hell (literally) as all her lies catch up with her and she hurts the ones she loves the most. Mix in a love/hate storyline between an angel and demon that work against each other to help/hurt the horseman and the setting up of Thanatos’ story (who will become death, and I think he is going to be my favorite!) you get a whole lot angsty, kick ass action. Ione is also pretty good with the snark and adds just the right amount of humor.

This story/series is what you would call hard core PNR, lots of smut, cliché’ situations, high drama and emotional turmoil. Few do it better than Ione. This book has a lot of urban fantasy elements when you consider the extensive and ingenious world building going on. If you are a PNR fan then this is the author and series for you. For me to like a PNR book it has to be able to go that extra mile and impress me with tortured alpha men with that soft mushy center that only the right woman can touch, a unique twist, clever world building and yeah, lots of great sex. I think she went a little overboard with some of the clichéd PNR themes, but that is just a minor complaint. I will be reaching for Thanatos’ story because you don’t use and betray Death without consequences.


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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I “LOVED” your review! I haven’t read this series, but it sounds like just the right amount of wicked-cool for me to add it to my TBB list.

  2. Sharon, What a coincidence cause I was looking at this series to start but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the detailed review. I will definitely buy it now. Hope it is as good as the BDB series you recommended, sounds like it will be.

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