Review: Interview with a Jewish Vampire by Erica Manfred

Interview with a Jewish VampireReviewed by Sandra Scholes

The general premise of this story is what if it were possible for a Jewish woman to get with a Jewish vampire just like Anne Rice wrote about in her inspiring 70’s novel Interview with the Vampire, except they weren’t Jewish!

Well, this is the outcome of that meeting when Rhoda Ginsburg, a journalist signs up to a dating agency, JDate and falls for a vampire, but instead she meets Sheldon, a Hasidic Jewish vamp and the story unfolds from there. I liked the idea of this novel as many writers are turning their talents to writing novels on existing themes these days, and it works in more ways than one.

This one, unlike Rice’s is funny, and with the Mel Brooks style comedy in it, it will appeal to everyone who likes horror and humour. Manfred makes Rhoda sound like she tries hard to feel sexy when she goes out on dates, but has a few hang-ups about being more voluptuous than what Jewish men like in their woman. Her thought of men only liking supermodels goes a long way to her finding the perfect man. It wasn’t as easy as she would like though, and it took her a while to find Mr Right. Soon though, like Rice’s original story, Rhonda is asked to interview him, but I don’t think she is as interested in listening to his life story as he is recounting it – at first that is.

Interview with a Jewish Vampire draws you into its comical world of dating and failing miserably, and then once hitting the jackpot as Rhonda does, she is brought into the world of vampires, but hopefully only kosher ones. In this novel readers will find out why her Jewish vampire doesn’t wear a beard when he’s Hasidic, why he has a Golem called Goldie, and more importantly why he lays in a coffin during the daytime. This is written with a certain honesty, and that makes it all the more funnier to read.

Interview with a Jewish Vampire is fast and fierce – but the heroine isn’t going to use the stake so easy, so enjoy the humour and the fast moving gags in this, one of the funniest reads you’ll have this summer!


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