Review: Just for the Night by Tawny Weber

Heroine: Larissa Zahn has been busy since she broke up with Jason Cantrell two years ago. From the growth of a romance novel blog she’s become an authority on romance with a column about the Rules of Romance. Her dream is to open Isn’t it Romantic a store for romance in the Cartwright Hotel specialty Mall. The promo package with the vendor is worth its weight in gold and the location perfect. There’s just one problem…

Hero: Jason Cantrell is also going for the same space. He’s pitching Can-Do Adventure, a travel agency he started with his brother, geared toward adventure seekers. To make their company fit the specialty mall they’re putting together couple packages at steep discounts. It’s a shoe-in… until he realizes he’s not meeting Daniel Cartwright but Connor, the guy Larissa cheated on him with.

Review: Tawny Weber delivers a tight story which takes place over 24 hours. It works because the two characters had a previous relationship with each other. They delve into their past while trying to figure out their present. Neither can run away from the other when a convenient lock down of the mall during a power blackout give the two time in close proximity that they need to do this.

There was some repetitive dialogue that kept circling old issues instead of solving them but the sexual tension was right on, and the sex was hot. In the end, Cartwright Hotels is lucky Larissa and Jason didn’t pull out and leave them in a rut for contriving to force them together. Which company do you think was a better fit for the mall?


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