Review: Kiss at Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe

The Story: Blaine Underhill is a tortured hero like no other. He’s spent a century and a half in the hands of Death’s bat-crazy psychotic grandmother, Angelica. The woman enjoys watching her prisoners torture each other and building them up to be superior warriors while at the same time emasculating the men by cursing them with such feminine pursuits like cross-stitching and knitting. Well no more! Blaine and his fellow inmates are escaping Angelica’s prison, The Den Of Womanly Pursuits, come hell or schnoodemgons.

Trinity Harpswell is a Black Widow, doomed to kill the men she falls in love with and that really sucks. Determined to break the cycle, she has one week left remaining on her curse… that is if she manages to make it through the week without killing another unsuspecting male. This is her last chance. If she slips up she’ll be doomed to be a murderess forever. When Blaine tracks her down and tells about his best friend, Chris, who did not make it out from Angelica’s lair she knows she’s in trouble because helping Blaine just might be murder! Luckily, he’s prepared to help her out too.

Review: It was slow starting for me. There are quite a few POV changes. I had to backtrack a few times during the initial setup. It is chock full of world-building facts and tidbits. I wondered once or twice if I was reading a sequel instead of reading the first book in a new paranormal series.

It’s a good thing Blaine is Trinity’s hero… those mutant near immortal warriors are a Black Widow’s dream and a reader’s too… 😉

Many readers have found it hilarious and overall it’s an extremely silly read with lots of outrageous elements (schnoodemgons aka killer mutant schnoodles).

Expect many twists and turns as the story speeds up to its final conclusion which makes predicting where Rowe will go nigh impossible.

My final thoughts? Very original, just don’t overanalyze it and watch out for that pink dust assassin!


Buy: Kiss at Your Own Risk (Soulfire Series, Book 1)

PS – How hot is this title? Scorching!

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