Review: Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #21) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Kiss the DeadSummary: An underage girl is kidnapped by vampires and Anita Blake leads the U.S. Marshals to the rescue. When they find her, Anita is more concerned that the kiss is comprised of recently turned normal people. Oh and they are seemingly leaderless and willing to commit suicide on TV to avoid being controlled by Jean-Claude.

Good Points:

  • Woo! Anita is working her Marshal badge like crazy – leading teams of professionals into the vampire dens, solving a mystery, winning the day.
  •  There will be no more freaking out if Anita is going to change into a particular breed of lycanthrope! Why? The vampire marks!
  • Anita angsting about if she is a monster (sounds like the first couple of books when she gained new powers) because so-called friends say mean things to her. Oh Anita, grow a thicker skin.
  • Throwing the gay-marshal-in-the-closet at the crazy-police-lady who wants Nathaniel and thinks Anita is abusing her guys. That was funny.

Bad Points:

  •  Homophobic (at least in terms of herself with other females) Anita suddenly has an exception in the form of Jade? Did I miss this in a previous book? So now she’s hetero-something or another – Hamilton had a phrase for it – meaning she has one exception to her heterosexual rule. Really? Blah.
  • How many Kegel exercises does Anita do in a day to achieve the praise, “I’d forgotten how tight you stay even wet”? There is no way a gal can have the harem of men that she has, with genitalia the size they have, and do the near constant sexing she does and still be that tight. Must be the vampire marks.
  • Asher – he’s the new Richard, because Richard isn’t there to be…well…Richard. So to get rid of a character she screwed up, that used to be hot and sexy and all sorts of yumminess, he is now being transferred (temporarily perhaps, perhaps not) to be the master of his own city.

Going forward I want to see:

  •  The core guys (Jean-Claude, Asher, Micah, Nathaniel); no new ones added. It’s time to cut the ever-widening polyamorous nonsense.
  • My advice to Anita who whines about how many guys she’s got on her plate: Lose Asher (b/c he’s not pulling his weight – for now), Sin (too young for you), Jade (you prefer guys, so why is she on your list anyway), Jason (he’s your best friend, not your boy toy), and every random or semi-random extra.
  • More Jean-Claude – Anita is getting too Micah/Nathaniel focused, which strikes me as odd and less than fair to the others… especially this particular vampire.


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    1. Seriously! I would have less issues with the sex if it wasn’t littered with references to Anita’s super vagina and if it wasn’t with random ppl half the time.

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