Review: Like a Moonrise by Cecilia Tan

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

For lovers of stories who want a change from reading a whole novel about the same thing, this compendium has the added bonus of having six tales about creatures who can change their shape, and each is as sensual and sexual as the next.

The writers are some of the best around, award winners like Kyell Gold, Rakelle Valencia, and MeiLin Miranda. These and others who have contributed all have an interesting tale to tell, and know how to show the reader what they can do with their respective stories.

So, onto the stories – they are all set in make-believe worlds readers will be only too happy to immerse themselves in, and fantasy does make the immersing a lot easier if only to take a break from work issues, (this is the best place to start.) Fears-Moon Woman by MeiLin Miranda, The Moon, Reversed by Catt Kingsgrave, Cycles by Marie Carlson, On The Run by Kyell Gold, Werewhat by Rakelle Valencia, and The Winter Prince by Aoife Bright.

MeiLin’s story is a treat to read and has a lot of meaning to it, while Catt’s offering is a sensual story of two men, one has a captive and he can’t seem to get enough of him, much to his amazement. She has a way of expressing the inner torment and yearning of the characters in her work. Marie’s story is set in the real world where anything could happen as the main character is a werewolf and mentions what happens to her on a daily basis, and what happens when she changes.

I found it a daunting and strange tale, but that made it even more captivating – read on, it will send shivers up the spine, Kyell’s tale is set in a similar time as Marie’s with a man in love who hides a secret from his family – no not just that he’s gay, but something else that seems to happen when he gets excited during intimate moments! It is erotic, and makes the reader wait for the best parts of the story, and why not – it’s what makes it so good.

Rakelle’s is a comedy that can’t be missed, as Morgan is a shape shifter of a different kind – but unlike the others, he isn’t something to be afraid of being a were pony. Aoife’s goes back into the realms of a fantasy world most know and love, medieval times and not so much fun for Einion, who has to address his own problems after battles fierce and cruel. The setting of this story is perfect, as is the time period it is set in, there is great attention to detail that will be noticed.

For shape shifter lovers everywhere, there is something for you in these six tales, or you’ll love all of them just like I did.


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  1. I haven’t read any of these authors. I do like that about anthologies, getting to try new authors. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Hi Sharon, I’m the same – I like reading new novels and stories by new authors, but I’m a real sucker for short stories and I don’t care what genre – I just love to read them!

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