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lily xavier axlesonReviewed by Sandra Scholes

When fantasy and horror meet in the real modern day setting, there is bound to be some interesting moments to be had, especially with this novella. Lily, Pryor’s daughter is missing, and Pryor is convinced she was taken by a wolf. He goes into a melancholy state without her, and believes he has seen her turn into the creature who took her much to his regret. He isn’t sure whether he is seeing things or not, so he thinks he is going insane, but what about what he sees in the forest? Is that to be believed too?

When he meets Ned, who is a silver smith, he thinks he might be able to get his life back together again, but he still has nightmares of what happened to his daughter, and even more when she finally comes back to him.

Fantasy and fairy tale dramas are the in thing at the moment, and novels aren’t any different. This one by the author of Menage, Earthly Concerns and The Birches brings the reader into her story through first person perspective through Pryor’s mind and how he has felt since Lily went missing. She shows us what has happened to him over the months, and how meeting Ned should have been a life-changing experience for him.

He knows he loves Ned, but trying to live a normal life without his daughter is impossible. He also knows she is still alive, as one time she whispered to him that she would come back on the same day as she went missing, Father’s Day, and he waits for that moment the most, even at the cost of how he feels about his lover. You get the feeling that he is less interested in his lover, than he is being depressed over Lily.

The story moves at a steady pace, and isn’t one that bores or goes over old ground. It captivates and brings the reader into a fantasy world within a modern world that seems all too real to us. This is recommended for those who like gay paranormal novels with a tragic theme running through it, but it is tragedy that could be reversed by the love of another.


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