Review: Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen

Reviewed by Cara Lynn

Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen is a wild ride through the past.  I was given an uncorrected advance copy by LRP to review, but I only saw one mistake in the book.  Sometimes the mistakes can be so glaring that they take away from the story line.  But this didn’t have that problem.

Normally, I’m not a fan of historical romance — they are entirely too vapid and silly for my taste — and because I don’t read them often, I’m not up with the historical context and haven’t gained enough knowledge to make them interesting or fun for me.

Not so, this book!

The Story

Lord Adrian Smythe and Lady Sophia Smythe have secret lives — both are spies and both have been let out to pasture since the Napoleonic war with France has ended.  It so happens that they are married to each other, but neither knows the other is a spy.  To a degree, it reminds me of Mr & Mrs Smith, but significantly different.

The story jumps right in with both of them ready to apprehend the same man — Sophia has hidden in the closet of his lover; unknown to her, her husband will scoop in and take the credit.

As the Wolf and the Saint, they have had success in their careers.

Sophia has hid her considerable talents under drab clothes and big glasses, unless she is on assignment.  Adrian appears to her to be boring and tedious, though there is sexual tension between them.  For a period of time, Sophia has denied Adrian her bed, because she has suffered three miscarriages, and while she would dearly love children, she is frightened, as well she should be in that day and age — or even this day and age.

Then they are each called out in the middle of the night to meet with their superior, to decide who will gain the last remaining spot as a secret agent.

And they bump into each other, learning the truth about their identities.  They have to work together to solve a heinous murder, but whoever solves it first, gets the spot.

Along the way, they learn to trust each others strengths — Sophia relies on feelings and intuition, whereas Adrian is more analytical.  He is a better shot; she is good with a knife.  He learns she does not really need his protection; she learns to value his protection, rather than chafe against it.

The sex

And the sex is better than good.  It is very well written.  How about sex in a carriage… how about sex in front of a window… how about sex that is interrupted by an assignation…how about sex… how about sex with love…

My take

It is well written; held my interest; seemed to fit in with the mores of the day, yet was modern enough for current sensibilities.

Have you read it?  or any other of her books?

I will be on the look out for more.


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  1. Nice review, makes me even more excited to pick it up. I havent read any of Galen’s books yet, but you make her sound like a good writer. Can’t wait to find out for myself!

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