Review: Love at First Flight by Marie Force


Based on the back copy, I was fairly certain that at best this book was going to be disappointing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The novel while sounding like it would be better in theater then in print is very entertaining. The hero and heroine start off in relationships with other people. They meet at an airport on their way to Florida to meet their respective partners. Both are long term relationships.

Juliana and Jeremy have been together for so long, their names sound as comfortable as peanut butter and jelly. Juliana is surprised to see sadness in Jeremy’s eyes when they make love. The next morning a woman calls and Jeremy tells Juliana he’s been wondering what it would be like to be with another. Devastated by this revelation, Juliana insists on breaking up – but Jeremy doesn’t want to do that. So Juliana enforces a three month separation where they can do whatever they want with whoever they want and decide later if they want to get together again or stay apart.

Michael has a big case starting. All he wants to do is write the opening for it. Instead he’s participating in a three-ring circus that is his engagement party to Paige. In reality it is a political party for her father, the Admiral. During the party, Michael sees his whole life unfolding before him jumping through hoops to please his fiancee and her dad. He begs Paige to marry him now and forget the lavish marriage ceremony, something Michael is sure she wants more than the groom. When she refuses and he finds out about her most recent manipulation he calls it off.

Juliana and Michael reunite on the return flight to Baltimore/D.C. and catch up. When Juliana’s car won’t start it becomes the beginning of a beautiful and lasting relationship… with one or two hiccups along the way.


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8 thoughts on “Review: Love at First Flight by Marie Force”

  1. Dear Marie, I can not wait to you have another book, I aposolutely love your books and your style of writing is right up my alley, your books have everything I love, mainly romance. you have by far become one of my all time favorites and you just cant write them fast enough for me. You are a very good friend of my mom and aunts and the two books I have are signed by you. My mom is Lorraine Davis and my aunts that you know and are friends of yours are Jean DeCosta and Mary Storsteen and Ive never been prouder and happier to let my friends read your book they couldnt say enough about them both and would like to know as well when there will be another. Can’t wait!!! you are a brillant and gifted writer please please say theres another in the works. theres not another romance novelist out there that comes close to your writing and storytelling sincerely your fan Lisa Dias (Davis)

  2. Perhaps I’m used to the hero and heroine either being unattached prior to meeting each other, or getting over a previous bad breakup-without us knowing too many details regarding the past history. I prefer the characters to “recall” the past relationship from memory. (Not living the relationship).
    Maybe that’s what’s bothered me. I don’t like hearing about Juliana’s jerk of a boyfriend, or the Michael-Paige situation. I wish Michael and Juliana would’ve met at the airport…”unattached.”

  3. Addendum:

    Marie’s writing is superb; nothing can be said otherwise. It was just the attached concept that didn’t work for me.

  4. Susan, it sounds like at least one of them was unattached or trying to be.

    I haven’t read any of her books, but there was one that came across my Kindle today and everyone says she is a fab writer, so I’m looking forward to trying the sample and deciding if she is an author I would like to read.

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