Review: Love Bleeds (Only After Dark Series: Book 1) by Maggie James

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

There are a lot of genres thrown into this novel by Maggie James, but for the most part it is about vampires, or should I say, one vampire in particular; Joseph Markus who happens to lead a double life. By day he is a rich entrepreneur who has far too much free time on his hands, and what he does with it is seduce beautiful young women, and with the other half, he plays the lead crooner in a rock band called Slang. He’s an arrogant and showy sort of character who doesn’t mind having the women around him, but he doesn’t treat them right as is about right for his personality type.

When he is accused of being a cold-hearted murderer, he feels he has no one to turn to as he is still mourning the death of his former lover, and such a change in his personality will come as a surprise to any reader of this horror romance/glitz lifestyle/mystery novel. Katarina is the new woman he falls head over heels for, as she is different from the girls he usually falls for. She denies him her love in the same way he denied his true love and affection for the other women he bedded way back when he was a younger man. Eventually she will have to succumb to his otherworldly charms, but not yet, not when she can make him wait a little longer, until he is begging her to be in his arms.

The start of the novel is sensual enough, and what is more inviting than the image of a handsome man waking from sleep in a king size bed – another man in the other bedroom. Yes, this caught my attention as did the first three pages, then I really got into it in a major way. His other friends are Philip, and Julian, both vampires, both brothers, and the other members in the band, but they are hiding a secret. One of them can’t control their vampire side and can’t come to terms, with which they really are, let alone what they have become, and if he doesn’t feed soon, he will go insane, or worse.
The brothers and their struggles are interesting to read about, and the point where Joseph falls for Katarina is a section of the story that becomes a turning point for him and how the rest of the story fares as a result – which happens to be a good one.

I would recommend this novel to those who don’t just like vampire, horror fiction, but something more than the norm – check it out and get a copy, I can definitely say you won’t be disappointed.

As this is Maggie’s first novel, I can give her credit for it being a thrilling read, and to be very honest, I would be prepared to read her work again – can’t wait for the next in the series.


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  1. Thank you very much Sandra for the totally awesome review! I am truly flattered and thrilled that you enjoyed Love Bleeds!
    Have an awesome weekend!!
    Warm regards,

  2. You’re welcome, Maggie.

    I enjoyed reading your novel, and thought it was very inspiring to vampire enthusiasts like myself.

    Well done for an excellent novel!

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