Review: Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Love Drunk Cowboy roped me right into its pages, branded my heart, and busted my review-o-meter. Best Western Romance…I’ve ever read!

Spikes & Spurs Romance Series: Book One

Summary: Granny Lanier passed away; leaving behind her home and watermelon farm to her granddaughter, Austin. One would think it a small comfort knowing they’ve just inherited acres and acres of land. Well, Ms. Lanier isn’t entirely sold on the idea. She’s a city gal who’s about to earn the promotion of a lifetime; becoming the dept. head of Humphrey’s Oil Co. in Tulsa.

Austin has plans for her future. So she’ll just sell the farm and continue living her dreams. But after spending the best two weeks of her life in Terral, Oklahoma, Lanier begins to question if her dreams are really her own, or her mother’s. Not only that, Granny’s neighbor (Rye O’Donnell) has started working his way into Austin’s heart. Who wouldn’t fall madly in love with a green-eyed cowboy with a sexy drawl and a stagger that’ll make anyone with eyeballs faint? Rye (hero) is everything a “cowgirl” would want. He’s hard-working, sexy, funny, and passionate. There’s only one problem. She’s… not… a cowgirl!

Will Austin find her hillbilly bone before she loses her cowboy, or will she run from Terral screamin’ and clutchin’ her sexy spikes?

Review: Review-O-Meter: Out of Order!

My review-o-meter’s busted! After reading Love Drunk Cowboy I set it so dang-high, it ticked its last rating. (Now’s a good time to play, “Some Beach” by Blake Shelton). In case you missed it, I just made a funny.

I enjoyed the Lucky trilogy and loved every second of the Honky Tonk Series, but hot-d-damn…loved everything about book one of the Spikes & Spurs Series. It’s funny and sweet and romantic. I’m not sure how the author intends to top book one, but I have every intention of finding out. This was just a crazy fun read. What draws me to Carolyn Brown’s novels again and again is her ability to take the mundane activities of daily living, then mold them into something fun. Her books also give me that happy feeling not unlike the feeling I get when I hear, “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn. You know…that happy feeling that makes you want to sing. No matter who’s looking, or listening.

Favorite Scene(s): There were so many. I had to narrow it down to two, just to avoid giving away a hundred spoilers. I suppose the first would be where Rye carries Austin across the road to her place…while they’re kissing…in the rain. The runner-up scene would be when Lanier is in a business meeting. She’s distracted because she’s sexting with O’Donnell.

Recommendations: Recommended for readers who enjoy the friends-to-lovers trope, western romances, and feel-good reads which leave you sporting permanent smiles.

What’s Next? Book two, Red’s Hot Cowboy, will be released this fall. Will I read it? Do I enjoy reading while drinking a great cup o Joe? Insert Y-E-S (here).

Review-O-Meter arrow stuck on [rating:5]

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Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Western Romance, Copyright May 2011, Mass Market Paperback, Print Pages 395. ISBN-13# 978-1-4022-5358-4

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13 thoughts on “Review: Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown”

  1. I’m completely blown away by your review!! I can’t get this silly grin off my face! I may frame it and put it on my ego wall!
    Thank you! Thank you! For such an awesome review!

  2. Didn’t I tell ya it would? You’ve earned that picture on the ego wall! Absolutely…have. The review is only a reflection of the novel, but thank you, any…hoo!

  3. Susan,
    You said you’d blow me away but this is beyond that!
    I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you liked the book that much!
    You are the awesomest…yes, that is a word in my dictionary!

  4. Big wave to authors: Catherine, Anita, and C.H.

    Checking dictionary: There’s awe, awesome, awstricken. Hmmm. Maybe I need the new updated version. Mine doesn’t seem to show awesomest. (laughs-to-self).

  5. @Keira- I know! Kissing in the rain is sooo hot, and the sexting scene was too cuters.
    Not because of what they’re doing, but because Carolyn lets the reader feel how much the hero and heroine miss each other and how badly they want each other.

  6. I am so glad you brought this to my attention. It sounds like a great book. I am not familiar with this author, but if you loved it that much, it must be good!

  7. Susan,
    Have to tell you the latest news…Love Drunk Cowboy just made the NYT and the USA TODAY best seller lists! It was your fantabulous review that pushed it over the edge, I’m sure!

  8. Nonsense! It was your fabulous writing that garnered the attention.
    Woo-hoo…congrats! That is wonderful news indeed! I’m smiling and raising my coffee mug, Carolyn. 🙂

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