Review: Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) by J.R. Ward

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

When it comes to books as popular as this one, there is no need to do a regular review. Everyone and their mother has posted reviews on it, and if you are a fan of this series you are going to read this book no matter what anyone says. If you haven’t read the series yet, you wouldn’t start with this one any way. So, I am going to talk why I love this series and why you should try it!

Why do I love it and why should you try it? One word, Alpha-male (let’s not split hairs on the hyphen thing being one or two words <G>). JR Ward has created a group of vampire warriors that are some of the most tortured, sexy, toe-curling men out there. When these males (of worth, I might add) meet their mates (they mate for life, swoon) they send out a bonding scent to mark their woman (sound caveman-ish? Yeah, but it so works in this case) and part of the mating is they have their mates names *carved into their backs! How macho is that? What I find sexiest about her males is they say what they are thinking. It is what they say, and how they say it that will make you squeee 😉

The first book in the series is called Dark Lover. It is about the vampire king Wrath and how he finds his mate Beth. Each book after that is about a different Brother. Check out these names: Rhage, Zsadist, Vishous, Phury, Tohrment, Rehvenge.  Yes, they live up to their names. Not only does each book have the OMG! love story for each brother, JR Ward has also created a dark and riveting story arc about the Brothers’ fight against an evil enemy. Ward’s ability to write with so much emotion will have you laughing and crying. The series is just brilliant.

I enjoyed Lover Unleashed. It has brought in some new characters that are going to be major players in the new story arc and I hope she is setting up the Blay/Qhuinn story, cause they are breaking my heart! Manny and Payne are what I consider side characters and I didn’t think they deserved their own book, but there was enough about the other Brothers and progression of the story that made it a great read. Most people, like me, want to hear about our main boys, true? As sad as it is, I won’t be satisfied until the Blay/Qhuinn thing plays out, with a HEA!

So, get reading!!! (and have a glass of ice water near by. You’re gonna need it)

[rating: 5]

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  1. Only on book 4 in the series so am really glad to hear that they just keep getting better. I actually am trying to read them slowly cause I will be lost when I finish all of them. Sharon,Isee what you mean about how authors build worlds in their books and Ward has me riveted to the world of the BDB. Can’t thank you enough for suggesting these books. I’m all about me some Rhage now!

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