Review: Lovestruck by KT Grant

by Zarabeth, guest reviewer

I have to admit that when I first read the synopsis of Lovestruck I was not overwhelmed with the urge to read this book. I did not have high hopes for how KT Grant would handle all of the barricades she put in front of our heroines and there’s a lot. For example:

  • They were lesbians.
  • There was a huge age difference (May/December) between them.
  • Not to mention they were employer and employee.
  • Also they were economically on different stratospheres.
  • Etc.

It seemed impossible that everything could be addressed to satisfaction. It’s hard enough doing that with straight romance let alone tackling sexual preferences. Something would have to fall through the cracks, wouldn’t it?

Well, I take my hat off to KT Grant because she addressed EVERYTHING beautifully. I do mean everything. Not a single thread is dropped. That’s quite a feat.

The book is written from third person perspective and does give glimpses into everyone’s thought processes, which I liked. KT Grant did a great job of keeping the narration and dialogue well-balanced.

You may be wondering why I am mentioning these fairly obvious literary observations and I have to be honest with you… I don’t think I can tell you anything about our heroines or the story itself without robbing you of the intrigue in the book.

I can tell you this: Barbara, known not-so-fondly as the Barracuda in the hospitality business world, and Jenny, full-time employee and college student, are our two unlikely matched heroines.

So, let me just say that if you like F/F and contemporary settings: READ IT.

If you are open to F/F: read it.

It would be a very nice introduction to the genre if you are just curious as well.

Rating: 4 stars


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