Review: Luminous Nights by Michele Hart

by Susan S., guest reviewer


Blank Blank (sorry, no-spoilers) is using the pseudonym Jack Luminous. Luminous, hero, is a Draco Alliance Imperial Marshal (galactic super cop). His job is to protect Draco (an entire galaxy sector with 15 worlds). When Alliance Gemini tick prototypes are stolen, he’ll do what he must to track down and retrieve the identity-switching gadgets. Even, if it means becoming a convict named BoDo Faus. He’ll spend the next 5 years in planet Null’s penitentiary; becoming Ten-Three (inmate Ten Million Three). After a prison escape, Ten-Three boards a spaceship named the Caprice.

Heroine, Captain Rachel Marie Waters was expecting someone else to board. Nonetheless, the mail carrier follows her itinerary and transports Ten-Three to Desmonda Station. But, after dropping him off, she hears the chaos. He’s shooting at his pursuers. And commands her to get him away from Desmonda, claiming he’s an I-Marshal. She doesn’t want to follow this man’s orders. But, when he blackmails her, needs must when the devil drives.

Will Rachel ever discover this man’s true identity? Is he a cop, a cold-blooded killer, a new-breed of both, or something else entirely?

Recommendations: I’m recommending this novel to Star Trek Trekkers, Star Wars Warsies, and science fiction enthusiasts. Romance readers will only get what they want after reading 255 pages.

Review: Simplicity would’ve made this a better read for me, e.g., only two hero names. Any more than that becomes hard-to-follow. Aside from simplicity, I never connected emotionally with the hero. He lies to Rachel. Deceives her. Then on planet Bellatrix he even punches her in the shoulder (trying to stick to his alias amongst criminals). After some time he becomes more caring and less cold blooded. That didn’t work for me. Then, when he finally reveals his true identity, it felt… anticlimactic.

Let’s talk about the author’s strength: Gadgets! You’ll love her: Gemini ticks, Rachel’s video screen, and Jack’s weapons. Especially the C-Breaker.

Favorite Character: Tonia. A blue-skinned teenage-princess.

What I Enjoyed: When Jack plays out his fantasy. He’ll paint Rachel in a way, she’ll never forget.


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August 2010, eBook, Pages 347, Futuristic/Science Fiction, Siren-BookStrand, Siren Publishing, Inc. ISBN# 1-60601-884-1

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4 thoughts on “Review: Luminous Nights by Michele Hart”

  1. Oh, wow. What a wide-spread difference in opinions.

    I bought this story after reading two 5-star reviews on it. I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t confused by two simple aliases. Other than that, you gave no other reason for giving this book a bad review. So I checked out your other reviews.

    You apparently have never reviewed a book in this genre before, at least not on this site. If you aren’t a Sci-Fi fan, made clear by your slanders of famous Sci-Fi hit shows and movies, which I saw no signs of in this story, why would you pick up your very first Sci-Fi Romance and trash it?
    Susan S., please do not review Sci-Fi-based stories anymore. That should be done by someone who has read one before. You INSULT ROMANCE READERS by insinuating they don’t want a good story. This is not erotic romance where every other scene someone gets a blow job. This is an actual story, which may have been the part that confused you.

    The Reading Diva

  2. Hi J. Richards,

    Thanks for popping in. I read and review various genres and subgenres. And try my best to give the readers a what to expect overview of an upcoming or already released title. Which is what I tried to accomplish.

  3. Hello, Reading Diva.
    If this is your first time at Love Romance Passion, welcome. You may want to look up Wicked Illusion which I reviewed for this site; it’s a contemporary paranormal with science fiction elements. In my recommendations, I always think of the readers who’d love to buy and read a copy. I find every book I read enjoyable, regardless of the rating.

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