Review: Mad About the Boy by Suzan Battah

mad about the boyReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Julia Mendoza is trying to avoid an ex-friend, Kelly. She bumps into a stranger and asks for a favor. Suzan has made Kelly out to be very obnoxious. We also see that Julia used to be married. This is something that affects her relationships.

Julia owns a business and is on her way to the Augustine Hotel. You can tell what type of business Julia is in by the way she describes the hotel – makes me want to travel to Miami and book a room. Christophe Augustine is part owner of that hotel. Someone else is also at the hotel and this does not make Julia happy.

Suzan has also made Chris’ character a big flirt. This is one time where I wish that a book came with video and sound. Chris and Julia go dancing and the scene makes me wish that I could watch this scene unfold.

Chris loves to surf. And he decided to teach Julia. The descriptions used for these two scenes just seem to turn on our internal televisions. This story also makes you think about consequences and makes you wonder what you would do in certain situations.

I felt that the book was misnamed. It should have been named “Mad About the Man” because I’m not quite sure that a boy would act like Chris does. Another thing I liked about this book was even though it’s a short story; it’s not all about the sex. We get to see the relationship between Julia and Chris build before they truly get involved.

In a lot of romances, we see the male main character having the issues but Suzan puts in a twist and Julia is the one with the issues. It made the relationship seem complicated and strange – not loving. And they’re always misunderstanding each other. Suzan also shows that not all romances are hearts and flowers. Some take work and some have bumps and hurdles they need to get over before things fall into place.

Are you looking for a romance that’s a little different – than you will want to read this book. Her characters are complicated and come with issues. Nothing goes smoothly. But isn’t that what’s going to make you turn the pages.


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