Review: Magic University Book Three: The Incubus and the Angel by Cecilia Tan

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

If Tarot cards are your thing, you might like this one as they are, in part responsible for one man investigating some strange goings on with a female friend he knows. She is having nightmares when she shouldn’t have, and doesn’t know the reason for them until she discovers she has an incubus who visits her nightly and gives her very sexual dreams.

Alex and Kyle are both friends who see what goes on around them, and know all about the occult, the benefits of it, and the down side to knowing more than they should. As an apology for something he’s done before, Alex tells his fortune by spreading the cards for him one night, even if he does think he’s no good at being able to predict anyone’s fortune. Kyle thinks different though, as he has already proved he can do it – his predictions so far have been spot on, and he wonders what the next spread have in store for him.

The cards can tell a person anything, love life, the possibility of wealth, even a new start for the one involved, but in Kyle’s spread there are quite a few negative cards, the positive ones meaning he could be in store for a new relationship if he’s lucky, but he doesn’t see the future even if he does believe what he has told him. Kyle has nightmares, and he feels for Lindy who is not in control of what the incubus is doing to her nightly. He discovers the only way he can help her is to use sexual magic to ward the demon off her.

I liked the fact Cecilia had Kyle as a moderately bisexual male in the novel, one who had a touch of femininity to him that could make him relate to the women he meets, especially Jeannie and Lindy. After his relationship with Frost, he wants to discuss other things with him that do concern him as he tends to jump between guys and girls, and doesn’t have any stability.

Cecilia’s use of Circe’s Tit as a retort reminded me of Arthur Weasley’s utterance of Merlin’s Beard when he sees Harry Potter. It’s funny and gets the point across.

Kyle has had his fair share of romances, but wants to find his true soulmate, not just feel that the sex is right – he wants to feel for the other person, have a connection with someone that goes beyond sex. He has never felt that close to a girl or boy who took his fancy, and thinks that someday he will find the one who is right for him, even if it is a girly notion for him to have.


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