Review: Midnight Brunch (Casa Dracula Book 2) by Marta Acosta

In the second installment of the Casa Dracula series, Milagro meets many more vampires as they come to celebrate the naming ceremony of Sam and Winnie’s baby, an event she just so happens to be excluded from which irks her to no end. Why must Oswald and the Grants always keep her out of the loop?

When Oswald takes off to perform cosmetic surgery for underprivileged children with clef palates, Milagro attends Nancy’s wedding to Toad Todd. She asks Ian to be her escort so she won’t be ignored the whole evening and together they end up hijacking the attentions of society queen Gigi Barton of Barton’s facial tissues (It’s nothing to sneeze at if it isn’t Barton’s!)

The evening ends in disaster when Milagro saves Ian from a faceless thug and is slashed deeply through an arm. The blood loss is devastating and Ian acts quickly transfusing some of his blood with hers and giving Milagro the vampire infection for the second time. It heals her but also brings about some dire consequences. Every time she touches somebody, be they vampire or human, she gets bloody and gory visions of their insides and the urge to attack (and drink) overwhelms her.

Not willing to put the baby or anyone else at risk from the ranch, Millie takes up a job offer from a Fancy University acquaintance, Skip Taylor, in the desert to rewrite the script Teeth of Sharpness. When famous Thomas Cook, a Latino actor, takes over her room and blackmails her into being his assistant, Milagro folds like a deck of cards. It doesn’t hurt that Thomas seems to be the only one who doesn’t bring about the scary visions.

When tabloid writer for the Weekly Exposition, Bernie, tries to tell her that the hotel Paragon has some sneaky and suspicious dealings, Milagro laughs him off. Then he leaks pictures and a story about her and Thomas and a flying goat eating monkey, irking Milagro to know end, but she has to admit the flying monkey is suspicious and so is the hotel’s Diamond Club members… and the crazy vampire Silas and his New Vampire Century who might be behind her hiring for script rewriting.

Concerned about Milagro, Edna shows up at the Paragon Hotel demanding answers and even Oswald cuts his trip and humanitarian efforts short. He’s determined to get to the bottom of Milagro’s behavior and she’s equally determined to figure out what’s going on in La Garbage, California.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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