Review: Mind Games by Cecilia Tan


by Susan Sigler, guest reviewer

Mind Games lead me on a roller coaster, tempting me with erotic pleasures, suspenseful turns and stopped only after I was screaming, “Uncle!”

I recommend this book to anyone who reads romantic suspense or erotica. As a reader with a fondness for romantic suspense; I couldn’t control the urge to finish the book.

Tan introduces us to the heroine, Wren Delacourt, a book transcriber with a rather dull existence. It isn’t until she discovers her sister Abby has disappeared; that her life is transformed. She begins to have erotic dreams that seem to be premonitions, but she can’t decipher if it’s past or future. Flowers begin to arrive at her job from an unknown sender, and her attraction to a P.I. named Derek; begins to reach new heights. Together they’ll unlock hidden desires, cast off inhibitions, and explore their growing needs.

In order to find her sister, Wren will have to uncover her telepathic abilities and learn to use them, but can she do it in time to find Abby?

My favorite character turned out to be Lawrence; Wren’s gay neighbor. He’s kind, witty, a good listener, and has all the qualities you’d expect from a friend. Lawrence is such a great sport; even when she drags him into Victoria’s Secret.

This book is not without its flaws. Tan fails to express the desperation and anguish you’d expect to feel; if your loved one has vanished. Abby’s disappearance takes a back seat; while Wren’s sexual needs take precedence. I also found Wren’s self gratification excessive and felt it robbed the story of some of its magic.

Regardless, I found it was a good read that had me anticipating; what was to come. Tan also caught me off guard; I was shocked when Wren breaches Derek’s hidden thoughts. The author’s larger theme appears to be, that we should find the courage to confront our fears and embrace our sexuality.

Rating: 3 Stars

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Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Breathless
ISBN-13# 978-1-60777-079-4
Copyright 2009
Genre: erotic science-fiction/paranormal romance
Format Read: e-book
Page count: 150

Author: Guest Blogger

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8 thoughts on “Review: Mind Games by Cecilia Tan”

  1. Oh, I liked this story! I did think some of the mystery took a seat to the sex, but I think that a lot about strictly erotic stories. Still, I really enjoyed Cecilia’s story and would definitely recommend it.

  2. Hi Susy:

    Your review of this book got me hooked. I am into romance novels, but ‘erotica’, well I do not believe I have read one with these types of games in mind.

    Definitely sounds like a winner.

  3. Very interesting review.

    Romance and suspense are my types of novels and your review about Lawrence caught my eye> Victoria Secret.

    This book is on my “Things to Get” list. Thank you.

  4. Susan, I cannot wait to sink into this one. I really enjoyed your review. I have come across so much erotica that loses the storyline within the sex. I also love that Wren has a unique occupation. It seems like this story may have a little bit of something for everyone. Definitely an add to my TBR list

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